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Seasonal greetings from the six of us

Go directly to jail, do not pass Wollaton Hall!

Meta-gaming Blues Brothers kill Jesus

We’re gonna need a bigger airlock

Bark to the Future

Devil's Tower is officially worse than 'Nam

The universe wants us dead

Obituary: "Lucky" Reynard Hackling

Obituary: "Slick" Jim Swift

Well, that didn't pan out

Obituary: Gunney Gunderson

Obituary: Sam Harrison

Let’s not use blowing stuff up as a way to get upstairs

Firing ray guns inside the Devil's Tower is probably a bad idea

We are lumberjacks and we're OK taking the hobbits to Isengard

Bringin' out the mad in Mad Science!

Can I pay you to pick my chips tonight?

We are the worst saviours of the future EVER

HOLY CRAP, we're the X-Men!

Yes, the inside of a demon looks like an Aero bar

We sent them there to die, not to win!

First encounter in the prison and one character is already unconscious

We found a clue and we killed it!

And they wonder why there are no women in roleplaying

So Soylent Adeen are people?

If you need to ask what your own vomit’s Realm is, you’re playing the wrong game

I guarantee at least ONE person in history has made love to a riverboat

The Posse vs beef liquorice

Testing one, two...

On a scale from one to ten, how Batman are you right now?

And an update!

If we survive this, I’m buying you an Inspector Clouseau box set

You are a clockwork racist!

It’s just another vorpal Monday!

I’ll take gay Zorro over KKK man any day

It’s like stamp collecting, only more morbid

Can "brainalyse" be the official word for hitting someone over the head?

You’ve been mindforked

I'm doing it because I like you

Do Changelings dream of enchanted pigs?

Does bending the rules always result in this?

Welcome to the zombie disco party!

I love how we broke the plot again

Things we like: Escape to the Sheet

Squish me now, it can't get any better

Pinhead did it

Telescopic Coke bottle causes rupture

All I ever wanted to do was to get to Seattle

…We’ll call that ’Desperate Plan Z’

Okay, dynamite enema it is

For those about to roll, we salute you