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GM Cat's seasonal greetings

And now for a brief intermission


Does this mean we finished the adventure?

Giving Doctor Who a nosebleed

Oh ye of targeted plot

No bodies, no problem

Don't mention the war!

I chose a bad day to quit drinking

That's why they put the I in FBI

Dude, where's our beer?

Chasing cubist killers with festive earrings!

This is not plagiarism, honest

The Truth is Out There with scary monsters

It's all gone a bit Laudanum

I only ever wanted to be an engineer

Shaddap-ah you face!

That seemed to go better than normal

Exploding pizzerias - that's us!

Dynamite, I've missed you so

We don't need no coffee, let this building block explode

Are you ready to sort some magical shit?

Ballooning with Portuguese Ninjas

Genghis Khan would've approved

Arkham is FULL OF OWLS!

I’m Nyarlathotep and so is my dog!

I could explain it, but I choose not to

Don't mess with Jerry's Revenge

We should have our own TV show, we’re so badass

Roll Death and Athletics, shagging Satan is bestiality

Dr T & Mr Dre: Narcoleptic Assassins

Similar to a comrade motion picture, maternal fornicator!

Soaking carpets in the Nottingham Chainsaw Massacre

Dude, where's my app?

These boots were made for stompin'

I had an Eldar and I eated it

There's disciplin, and then there's DISCIPLIN

The Emperor willing, Space Marines are go!

Because stereotyping Japan is FUNNY

Feed the crocodiles, tuppence a Rog

A little bit of sick, a little bit of Slick

What shall we do with the drunken Sidhe?

Your recent Glamazon order has been dispatched, with a gun!