Dude, where's my app?

Last week, we procrastinated. This week, we met an old, blind bloke who seemed to be on eerily good terms with the genestealers. He got what was coming to him - as did the Judge. Sneaky bastard. One of them was split in twain by a large sword, which made us all feel a lot better.

Eventually, after slaughtering a number of the Xenos scum (in their sleep, badass bonus points for us) we found our way to a couple of rooms - one, a greenhouse, the other, a walk-in freezer. Something managed to escape the greenhouse. The patriarch genestealer in the walk-in freezer ... is no more.

And as we went back up to the surface again, Brother Drem'Tu started to fix the ship Gyos crash landed last week. While this was going on, the magnetic storm had lifted and we could finally communicate with our superiors. After we had done that, this part of the adventure was concluded, so we have a few weeks break from Deathwatch now, and will get back to where we left Changeling on Tuesday.

Courtesy of Tuesday 20 March 2012’s Warhammer 40k: Deathwatch adventure at Chimera.

“You look like a screwed up version of the Mad Hatter.”

Player 1: “It’s almost homoerotic.”
Player 2: “I love you looked at M when you said that.”

“I can’t roll .3 of a dice.”
“Yes, you can. Just use an angle grinder.”

“There’s one thing I’m gonna say about Dice: The Roleplaying Game - it’s not fucking GURPS.”

“His knee exploded. It was great.”

“Do I have to shoot myself for heresy now?”

“In other words: we Fog of War it.”

Regaine: “I am not going in front! …Because I am injured and I need to be alive to help people. Otherwise I would obviously offer to go in front. I am not a coward.”
GM: “I was wondering when you’d clarify that.”

“I am not sure why we’re going in there.”
“Because we’re slaying Xenos scum!”

“Party Death Order complete.”
“It’s DEFINITELY a Party Death Order, we’re fighting genestealers.”

Drem’Tu: “I’m the first one to get a corruption point! Woo!”
Gyos: “I’ve already had one for eating people.”

“They’ve been ‘eaten long time’?”
“Me eat you looong time!”

“The Dreadnought’s really a genestealer.”
“I KNEW it!”

“They’re all dead, Dave.”
“Even Rimmer?”

“Dude, where’s my app?”

Regaine: “Are you building a fortress?”
GM: “A table fortress?”
Calcion: “Yes!”
GM: “Roll me Fortification for a quilt fortress.”

“We could string it up and make it wave to its friends.”
“That’s not gonna work. Genestealers don’t have friends.”

“I still see no problem with my plan.”
“Of course you don’t – everyone dies and you’re okay.”

“It’s a recession, we can’t leave the Emperor’s goods. Save the Emperor’s bananas, the prices are going up.”

Drem’Tu: “We are the Astartes, imperial citizen.”
NPC: “Well, that certainly makes a colourful landscape.”

“No, God no! Emperor no, even.”

Player: “Let’s disarm the booby trap, let him through, then re-arm it.”
GM: “That was clever. Gain a Fate point.”

“This is 40k, logic takes a back seat.”

Calcion: “I’ve never seen a landing like that, except a drop pod.”
Gyos: “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“What happens in crazy town stays in crazy town.”

Calcion: “You’ll have to carry him with your servo-arm.”
Drem’Tu: “I’m not polluting my arm with that thing!”
Calcion: “Well, I’m not letting it touch MY power armour!”
Drem’Tu: “Moran!!”

Drem’Tu: “I crush his skull.”
NPC: “But whyyyyy?” (crunch)
Drem’Tu (to Moran): “You may drop the heretic.”

GM: “I have to check the horror chart now.”

“He’s a heretic and a coward. I want that to go on his record.”
“Record? Alright, Arnold Rimmer!”

“If any triffids were in there … that would be a crap plot.”

Drem’Tu explains how genestealers are made:
“When a daddy genestealer wants to invade a planet with their own horrific horde …”

“My name is Dr. Space Marine and I have diagnosed you with tuberculosis and you are a heretic! Your treatment plan is death by death.”

“We need to figure out if the Judge did anything to you.”
“Tell us where he touched you.”

GM: “Gain a corruption point.”
Player: “He’s gonna turn, isn’t he?”
GM: “At this rate, he’d need another 50 sessions or so. Think he’s gonna be okay.”

“Try not to stomp too much.”
“Tiptoe in power armour …”

Player: “How long are you expecting the Changeling adventure to last?”
Changeling GM: “With YOU guys? One to a hundred sessions.”

Aaaaaaand nobody died! :) Check back next weekend (won't have time to post earlier in the week) to find out what happened on the other side of the cliffhanger at Count Valdemar's in Changeling! Which should also mean you'll get more quotes to read.