Are you ready to sort some magical shit?

Since we finished the Call of Cthulhu game, we have had a session of character creation (very few quotes) and the session this past Tuesday was partly more character creation, and partially actually playing. To make up for lost time, we're throwing in a few lines from the last ChimeraCon as well.

In Shadowrun, the characters are an orc with muscles, a human hacker, a troll mage enforcer and an eco warrior dwarf. The troll and the dwarf were hired to find a guy who had gone missing. They, in turn, hired the other two ... and then had some pizza. Like you do.

ChimeraCon, 16 June 2012:

St. Peter: “You’re wearing the wrong aftershave! Hell!”
Player: “That’s how I’d do it.”

“We can’t convince you to stay? With sexual favours?”
“Look around the room and say that again.”

“So the options are ‘or Eclipse Phase’?”

“It kinda sounds like getting jumped by Earl Grey.”

“I’m not sure how you sex a snake.”
“Very carefully.”

(and, because it sort of became a catchprase during JurisFiction)

Player: “Belgium.”
Magrathean hovercar: “Mind your language.”

Courtesy of Tuesday 19 June 2012's Shadowrun adventure at Chimera.

“If I don’t understand it, it’s abstract.”

GM: “This session of Shadowrun is in honour of me becoming a faceless drone myself.”

“Aaargh, I’ve just eaten the Dead Sea!”
“Quick, read the scrolls on the inside!”
“Just some ineffable prophecy.”

Player 1: “Does Prophecy have two incredibly hot guys in it?”
Player 2: “Well, it has Christopher Walken …”
Player 3: “That’s a ‘no’, then.”

“It said spell-flinging, but I thought it said spell-fingering.”
“That’s okay, I thought it said shit-flinging.”

And, finally, courtesy of Tuesday 26 June 2012's Shadowrun adventure at Chimera.

(Admiring the GM’s work clothes, and their colour scheme)
“Put on suspenders and a brown coat and say ‘I aim to misbehave!’ and if anyone gets it – MARRY THEM.”

“You can snort those dice.”
“The important thing is that when I sneeze, it’s a critical hit.”

“I’m one cyber surgery away from cyber zombie.”

“How do you become a twisted sausage trainer?”

Player 1: “Just think of it as Mad Max in a big city.”
Player 2: “I’ve never seen Mad Max.”
Player 3: “Have you seen Johnny Mnemonic?”
Player 2: “Nope.”
Player 1: “Have you seen ANY dystopian future films?”
Player 2: “…The Hunger Games?”

“I’m playing a were-badger. Surprise!”

“The pleasure was of course all yours.”
“Yes. Yes, it was.”

“Shut up, gangsta orc!”

“Amarettis are delicious.”
“But when you’ve had enough of them, they kinda taste like sawdust.”

“Luigi! Cook stereotypically!”

“He looks ugly enough to be a computer programmer.”

(I'm currently trying to transcribe the funny bits of this session. Will post that when I'm done when we haven't had a session and are stuck for content, as we don't have any other back-up posts in stock. Now there are two, yay!)