Chasing cubist killers with festive earrings!

We gave the diamonds back to the store from whence they came, because after a careful risk assessment, we decided they were safest there. As it happened, Mulligan also figured out reflective surfaces is what repels it. Round reflective surfaces. So, naturally, we donned round, reflective sunglasses (like John & Yoko, but with mirror effect glass) and bought a box of Christmas baubles. Well, it's almost Halloween, after all ...

Not-so-lucky for us, we also came face to face with the killer, looking a lot like something Picasso would paint if he was HP Lovecraft. And then he disappeared, the bastard. Perhaps just as well, because Cully very nearly lost her marbles in the process.

Next time, we're thinking shotguns. Lots and lots of them. It will kill it eventually, right? As long as we riddle it with bullets for long enough? Well, we can always douse it with liquid nitrogen first to slow it down, and then go flamethrower on its ass. Sounds like a plan!

Courtesy of Wednesday 19 September 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“I can’t believe you’d do that, it’s so corrupt.”
“It’s a good sort of corruption.”

“No, but it makes me happy.”

“I’ve been telling him forever: I’m leaving the group and joining yours!”
“Food! And the GM has a cork board!”

“This is BETTER than X-Files!”

Player 1: “Can’t we just get Abbie in to do this?”
Player 2: “YOU’RE Abbie.”
Player 1 (disappointed): “I’m always Abbie.”

“I wasn’t here. You didn’t see me.”
“You failed your Stealth check.”

Mulligan: “I know what we need. I DO actually have earrings for when I cross dress.”

“It’s late October, we can try Christmas baubles. Get someone to Bloomingdale’s or something.”
“Good idea! Let’s both wear them as protective earrings!”

Mulligan: “Do I get a bonus to Psychology for making a report?”

“I THINK – I AM GOING – TO KILL YOU – after this.”

“Has anyone seen a diamond worth about $5 million?”

“If we end up needing those diamonds later, I’m gonna shoot someone. Possibly the GM.”

Mulligan: “I want Mayham as close to my back as possible.”
Cully: “Oh, DO YOU now?”
Mulligan (grinning): “I’ll get changed later.”

(when wearing round sunglasses)
“From Mulder & Scully to Lennon & McCartney.”

“So we’re looking for an immortal who has been the victim of a mob hit?”

“I’m not saying it’s not true. I’m saying I’m not there yet.”

“This story is like a metaphor for modern day, man!”

DA Boulder: “ ‘Thing’? Person! Suspect! Can we stick to ‘suspect’, please?”

“Don’t touch me!”
“You shouldn’t do, she’s a pregnant woman in hell.”

“The secretary is actually me putting on another voice.”

“Is getting a sawn-off shotgun pushing it?”

“You know what this investigation needs, don’t you? Roleplayers.”

“He wrote the first few letters of the murderer’s name in blood on his own computer screen. It was in Nottingham, only a few years ago. It’s like proper Cthulhu, but without the blue goo!”

“It means that if we go down the positive route, it isn’t going to have a baby.”

GM: “Discreet? Christmas baubles in your ears?!”

“You need to have your wits about you.”
“Yeah … nice earrings.”

“Cover yourself in buttons.”
“We need to hire ourselves a pearly king and queen!”

GM: “You don’t need to roll Psychology to realise they think you’re crazy.”

“I’m thinking that we’re looking like slightly militant Luna Lovegoods.”
“I’m wearing a suit! And so are you! A dress suit.”

“Anything before this would’ve been a massacre, and not a good one.”

“I’m gonna have a circular riot shield! In the words of Tesco: every little helps.”
“I can’t believe you’re quoting Tesco.”

“I’ll also have a partridge, but it’s in a pear tree down the road.”

GM: “This is what you see.”
Player: “A cubist painting?”

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