Giving Doctor Who a nosebleed

This was sort of our sewer level, as we crawled around trying to find the source of a horrific scream, heard underneath the cellar in the wine shop. We didn't find anything. Nor anything in the crypt in the church nearby.

There was, however, deaths following an incident in a goth club ...

By a stroke of luck, Cully's old physics degree might actually have been useful for something - she could decipher some sort of weird ritual, which, if we actually use, might rip the Swiss cheese of time and space open and let out Cthulhu. Which we might not want to do.

Courtesy of Wednesday 21 November 2012's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“I still need more Cthulhu Mythos before I can meta-game properly.”

GM: “Where’s Mayham?”
Mulligan: “With me. Slightly in front, to be fair.”

“We don’t happen to have a ground-penetrating radar by any chance?”
“No, but in the boot of my car …”
“There’s an app for that?”

GM: “Any particular marching order?”
Player: “Mayham first. Actually no, police first. It’s their jurisdiction.”

GM: “Perhaps you could strap the coppers to your backs?”
Player: “Well, copper armour was very popular among the Romans.”

(to GM) “On a scale from one to bad, how bad is our idea of what we’re doing?”

Player: “I’ll phone Mahoney as well.”
GM: “Mahoney?”
Player: “McGonagall.”

GM: “There are quite a few policemen coming with you as well.”
Player: “Good. They can go first.”

“Did you just make one of my students explode?”

Player: “Tazer him and get him out of the way.”
GM: “You bastards.”

“Are there any smells of death in the corner?”
“Well, it’s a toilet?”

“It IS that guy.”
“He’s just busy making his SAN roll.”

“Everyone’s yawning out of character.”
“Live action roleplaying! Now we just need some breakfast and coffee.”
“We have baking?”

“He travels through space like a ball of cheese!”

Mulligan: “Where are you?”
Cully: “Autopsying.”
Mulligan: “Whereabouts?”
Silver: “The ribs.”

GM: “Was that a Fast Talk roll to try and convince the GM?”

“They can do mathematics phonetically. Do a right angle! Do a triangle! Fart on it!”

Cully (explaining what the ritual does): “It’s multi-dimensional timey-wimey stuff.”
GM (confirming): “It would give Dr Who a nosebleed.”

“What does the ritual do? I know, but I don’t.”

“Bakewell tarts taste of almonds.”
“What makes them taste of almonds?”
“The almonds inside them?”

“I have almond blindness. It’s a condition.”

GM: “Just imagine pi.”
Players 1+2: “Mmm, pie.”

Player 1: “We’re anti The Man!”
Player 2+3: “It’s ironic!”

“The only skill you need is Acting. Acting can replace everything. Except Medicine.”

“Sometimes Deadlands reminded me of Cthulhu, except the players could actually do damage to things, and not just be decorations to be swatted.”

“Go as Darth Vader.”
“Now you’re just being silly.”
“Yeah, I am.”

There will most likely be more adventures from the Weird West here soon, as we're going to be making another journey into Deadlands. :D