And now for a brief intermission

Our group this week unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute, due to the GM being unavailable. We still popped in to the store, however, because we had brought a cake to celebrate said GM's belated birthday, and, well, the cake had to be eaten.

While doing that, I eavesdropped a little on our friends on the next table over. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take my pad out sooner than I did, and as we didn't stay long, this is a very short post. Short but sweet crazy. Filing Cabinet Man was involved. He's a living filing cabinet with superpowers. 'Nuff said!

Courtesy of Wednesday 12 December 2012's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Chimera.

“The problem is the earphones have developed a certain level of paranoia.”

“Do nothing for yes, scream rapidly for no.”
“Not you.”

“Immediately start doing American football style celebrations.”

GM: “You critted the building.”

“I’m going to throw this razor-sharp risk assessment form at him.”

There will definitely be more Delta Green in the next instalment!