Born to not investigate, not to survive

We ended up generating characters for the next game, Deadlands Noir, instead of playing a boardgame. So far, we're not sure what to make of the Savage Worlds system, as it's more limited than 1st Ed Deadlands, but we'll see how we like it as we go along. If we decide against it, we'll just convert the characters (or create new ones, as the case may be) into the Deadlands we're used to, only using the new 1930s setting.

The heroes of this adventure are two investigators. Both are very savvy when it comes to investigating, tracking, searching and things like that. Being able to shoot a gun is sort of optional. We might hit, if we're lucky. As long as no one hits us back, because we sort of ran out of points to be able to get a Dodge skill. Ho hum.

In one corner, there's a gumshoe, a private eye, and a drunken one at that ... and in the other, a plucky yet impulsive reporter. How could this team of non-combatants possibly not succeed in a world full of [radioactive barf] zombies and evil spirits?

Courtesy of Wednesday 16 January 2013's Deadlands Noir adventure at Chimera.

“I know one mistake I’ve made.”
“Turning up?”

“I was alone, except for when I was doing it with other people.”

“We don’t have a soapbox, so quick, to the blogosphere! Where everyone can ignore us.”

“Quick, there’s an IMDb post that needs a Nazi comment!”

“You said it in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.”
“No I didn’t. I said it in a horse whisperer voice.”
“Arnold Schwarzenegger the horse whisperer?”

“I didn’t know Jurassic Park was horror.”
I was scared!”

“I’m pulling a serial killer out of my arse.”

“I think Dracula farts black pudding.”

GM: “’Yellow rag’ isn’t racist terminology, it’s a newspaper.”

GM: “You’ve been to the Great Maze. You ate people there.”

(Hucksters have been exterminated in Deadlands Noir)
“It’s alright though, because Reynard’s stuck in the future.”

“So one in six times, something bad’s gonna happen? Wow, it IS the great depression.”

“Why did it take you so long to hit the ground?”
“Because he was strangling ME!”

“I’m Curious and Impulsive.”
“And I’m a Drunken Lech. What can possibly go wrong?!”

GM: “You have made the epitome of non-survivable Cthulhu characters.”

“First person to die has to make a character with some combat skill.”

“Always take Madagascar first!”
“Don’t! That movie’s shit!”

“I think my dice appreciate a theatrical moment.”

Next session, we actually get to try out our characters for the first time. It might not end well, but we'll have investigated the crap out of it!