Don't fear the Reaper - fear us!

After deciding to implant the dead body with a smartphone, tucked nicely somewhere under the stitches from the recent organ transplant, Special Agents Mulligan and Cully headed to Providence to follow up on another lead.

In a cottage somewhere in the woods, we found one of the other transplant cases, a "tortured artist", who was still semi-coherent. He was cuffed to a woodburning stove and tranquilised. Meanwhile, Cully looked at his paintings, lost 5 Sanity, and had to have a breather outside.

That's when the remaining two transplantees showed up ... and we had to barricade ourselves inside the artist's bungalow. Axes were involved. Cully sneaked out of the back door, aiming to get to the stolen car the transplantees had brought with them. If the mastermind's head was in it, we could destroy it, and no one would have to die.

Well, the axe-wielding maniac had to be taken out, and the 12-year-old girl unfortunately noticed the not-stealthily-sneaking FBI agent and started shooting. Fortunately, she missed. Everyone else, however, didn't.

And then we lived happily ever after, humming along to Don't Fear the Reaper ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 9 January 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“I don’t do wasabi, except for dares.”

“It’s all good fun. No it’s not.”

“I love trying to figure out what they’re playing. It could take all night.”
“They’ve got Gandalf and cavalry, then I guess they’re not playing Middle Earth.”
“Maybe it’s Doctor Who.”

“Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword.”

“Maybe you’re well-paid working for MI5, but then again … public servants …”

“It needs to be a smartphone, with GPS.”
“Are you gonna go Joker on him?!”
“I’m not doing surgery on him … but I’ll need some lube.”

“This body is under the jurisdiction of the FBI.”
“Even if it gets up and walks away?”
“ESPECIALLY if it gets up and walks away.”

“Nothing’s more obvious than a vibrating zombie.”

Cully: “Make sure you lock the door.”
NPC: “Yeah, don’t worry, we’ll secure the evidence.”
Cully: “Yeah. Secure. That’s exactly what I meant …”

“He said Gremlin. I think they ARE playing Mutants & Masterminds.”
“Or they’re talking about horrors past.”

Mulligan (being told he shot the top of a man’s head off): “I didn’t know I had Medicine. That’s trepanning!”

“I let out his demons.”

“I may have shot him, but I gave him a mobile phone. He can pay the Ferryman with a ringtone. How about Don’t Fear the Reaper?”

“You’re saying that like cyanide is easy to get hold of.”

GM: “You can tick Psychology.”
Player: “I’ve already ticked it.”
GM: “Tick it again!”

NPC: “I … live … still …”
Mulligan (tazering him): “Well, you won’t f-ing live for long.”

Mulligan: “I’ll use four tranq darts, just to make sure to knock him out. But first: Cully, how many tranq darts are safe to use?”
Cully: “Just the one.”
Mulligan (disappointed): “Oh.”

Mulligan: “Cully and I will shoot the girl. You shoot the man.”
Cully: “But I’m a woman with a strong maternal instincts that---”
Mulligan: “Cully! You WILL shoot that girl! That’s a direct order!”
(which he later came to regret, seeing as how Cully’s shot to the face finished the girl off …)

“Hi Mr GM. How much damage are we doing?”

“I’m going to yell some psychological taunts.”

“I know a bullet to the head works, but I didn’t really want to take the guy down.”

GM: “It literally just doinnnggggs.”
Mulligan: “I don’t like the fact that you have a force field!”

“Do I move to my reserve reserve reserve gun?”
“No, the other one.”
“Flare gun?”

GM: “McClintock seems okay, but he killed a zombie yesterday, so …”

“I tried to explain it, but I didn’t have my PowerPoint presentation with me.”

GM: “I won’t make you go and inform the families.”
Mulligan: “We leave that to McClintock.”
GM: “He’s less stable next time you see him.”

“He died a valiant death.”
“With an axe.”

Next session, we are probably going to play a boardgame, while we figure out whether to continue playing Delta Green for now, or if we should play something else instead. We have our eyes on Deadlands Noir. Stay tuned to Read And Find Out!