Welcome to Zombies'R'Us! We have guns!

As we now had bodies to cut up, Cully set to work. There was no blue gunk or shifting, crystalline substances anywhere near here, however, but we learned that the zombie was in fact the guy who'd gone missing, and who we were looking for. Convenient! Not for him, granted, but for us.

We then followed leads, leading to an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere, but there was nothing there, other than to show that the people we were hunting had been there.

On the way back, though, we were accosted by an overly friendly driver. Shots were exchanged and we eventually drove the guy off the road. Mulligan got shot, but seeing as how his partner is a certified MD, that wasn't so much of an issue. We responded by cordially blowing his head off.

Now we have more dead bodies to examine, although we're slightly concerned they'll decide to walk off on a homicidal rampage. Umm, help us Delta Green, you're our only hope?

Courtesy of Wednesday 2 January 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“You’re not allowed to drown anyone!”
“Especially not Lara Croft!”

“You’ve not drunk enough whiskey on the plane.”
“Whiskey? On Ryanair?”
“Well, it won’t exactly be single malt.”

“The most enjoyable part was shooting the butler.”

“I think we may need professional backup here. I’m wondering if I should call Mayham.”

“Look, don’t believe anything I say, ever!”

“Has YOUR hospital had patients walking out the day after major transplant surgery? Call Delta Green!”

“We can leave such-n-such to look after slash-boy.”

“We are a couple of nuns who kill people because God requires death.”

“If you don’t give me a name, I’m calling you Cat Lady!”

Player: “Question: Does he have a pantry?”
GM: “Yes. Just off the kitchen.”
Player: “I draw my gun before opening the door.”
GM: “It has things like tomato sauce and tins of beans.”
Player: “No dead bodies?”
GM: “No, sadly not.”
Player: “That’s a first.”

“You can punch through stone, right?”

“That’s a strange turn of events.” (When the zombie we killed turns out to be the guy we were looking for)

Cully: “I’ll have a look at the zombie next.”
GM: “You mean the severe drug user?”
Cully: “… Yeah …”
Mulligan: “The guy high on PCP.”

“How can we make sure we don’t fall under the same mental control if we encounter them? Tinfoil hats?”

“I normally always take a shotgun, but I thought it would be impolite. I won’t make that mistake again.”


“We could explain the situation to them: We have two bodies and are concerned they’ll get up and go kill people. Please advise.”

Mulligan: “I’ll order coffee for the rest of the police force turning up as well.”
GM: “Donuts?”
Mulligan: “Yeah. Coffee and donuts.”

“You callin’ it Bessie?”
“No, I’m not calling the shotgun Bessie. That would be rude to it.”

“Don’t we have one of those automatic lockpicks?” That go ‘nieeeeeuw … click’?”
“Sounds like a sonic screwdriver.”

GM (describing a garage): “A spare tyre, a dismantled bookcase … I’m mentally scanning my garage right now …”

Mulligan (to McClintock): “I’m going to tell you something that’s technically slightly classified. It’s—”
Cully: “NARGLES! It’s nargles!”
Mulligan: “No, it’s okay; I trust McClintock.”

“You can see windows wind down, guns being brandished.”

Player: “What have the police been doing?”
GM: “Shooting. They’ve missed, though.”
Player: “Missed? But they’re police!”
GM (apologetically): “…Dice?”

“You apprehended a dangerous psychopath.”
“Yeah, WELL apprehended. By blowing his head off.”
“The best kind of apprehension.”

If we die next session, can we become zombies too?