It's always Nyarlathotep

The Delta Green GM had brought in Arkham Horror the boardgame, so we played that all session. We were doing quite well, despite it only being the three of us, but we eventually ran out of time and had to start packing up. It was fun playing, though. :)

Courtesy of Wednesday 20 March 2013's Call of Cthulhu: Arkham Horror boardgame session at Chimera.

“Swimming with dolphins is okay, but I really want to see a trebuchet fired.”

“Minecraft is like Sitecore! You build things yourself!”

“I’ll go for the Magician, because Mulder’s learning a new spell. (pause) Mulligan. I notice how neither of you corrected me, or even noticed it.”

“I’m not gonna be the Good Catholic Girl this time!” (discards the Nun)

(deciding between the psychologist and the professor, only to finally choose the professor)
“It means I also circumvented the Healer trope too!”
“Only just.”

Player 1: “Let’s see what monster we’re facing.”
Player 2: “It’s Nyarlathotep. It’s always Nyarlathotep.”
Player 3: “Lady’s pick!” (picks monster card, shows it)
Player 2: “Nyarlathotep.”

“I’m upset you’re harder than me and I’m the Magician!”

“I’ve got $5 but I’m saving that up for my Sanity. How much is the asylum?”
“Much better value.”

“I think it’s a good idea not to get slaughtered.”
“Not getting slaughtered is always a good idea. Even in the real world.”

“Can we have more of them, please?” (easy-to-kill monsters)

“There will be no TV, so I’m bringing Changeling.”

“My character is impotent. He’s had his magic taken away.”
“Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”

“Do I want to kill it with my … oh, no I can’t. I’m not even in this world anymore!”

“Go through the gate!”

“You’re stuck in an infinite loop, you’re stuck in an infinite loop. I’m the one trying to close gates. Some people aren’t pulling their weight around here.”

“So if I stay here, I get one Health?”
“And we get one step closer to losing.”

We were going to continue (and hopefully conclude) the game next session, but alas, the session has been cancelled due to illness. Instead, maybe we can rustle up something from a previous session. See you then!