Must be talking to the tinfoil hat

Because Mulligan had an epic dice roll for whether or not people in a restaurant had a camera, it turned out a photography convention was being held at that hotel ... The photo in question was taken of a couple of Japanese fellas standing outside with a black Mercedes. We've been joined by the original offshoot of the Aum cult!

And we have reasons to believe we're going to need tinfoil hats going forward. In fact, the plan is to make stetsons with a Faraday cage inside, because we're all sophisticated, like. After all, isn't the tinfoil really meant to ward off things like radio waves? Then a Faraday cage is what you want! Simples!

Our journalist pal took us to see her father, who managed to translate enough of the old scroll we had in our possession to realise it wasn't the lyrics to a Eurythmics song. But we definitely agree that there are shenanigans afoot in Texas.

Courtesy of Wednesday 27 February 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“I’ve never tried human flesh, so I don’t know if it goes with a nice Chianti.”
“It’s supposed to taste like really rich pork.”

“We’ll go Dutch. Ccchhhh.”
“Is that why they call it Flemish?”

“001?! This is Cthulhu! It’s supposed to be dystopian!”

“I had a beard and big duffel coat. So, very …”
“Sex offender.”

Mulligan: “I didn’t want to step on your toes.”
ATF NPC: “Hell, we’re not pissing on trees, here.”

“Are these the people that are gonna die?”
“They are the meat shields, yes.”

“A tail on a tail, a wheel within a wheel …”

GM: “That’s what I’ve written down here, unless I’m on psychotropic drugs and just make up names.”

GM: “He’s a bona fide relative of Charles Manson.”
GM: “Dun dun double-dun.”

Mulligan: “That’s really stretching it, even for me.”

GM: “It’s a communal computer that everyone uses. You might be able to get a message through.”
Cully: “The wolf howls at midnight.”
Mulligan: “…Probably want a more useful message than that.”

“The scroll talks about angels and contacting them.”
“Does it say ‘must be talking to an angel, must be talking to an angel, must be talking to an angel’?”

“What you said yesterday, I mean this morning, a.k.a. last week.”

“I’m not crazy. HE is. But maybe I start believing him the lower my SAN gets.”

“He was trying to create a mini black hole.”
“That’s really what you want someone to do in their shed.”

“Are they in a restricted parking zone at all?”
“It’s like trying to get Al Capone on tax offenses!”

Mulligan: “Headaches the way you have them are a sign of having been interfered with.”
GM & Cully: (pause, then both start chuckling)

“The bloodwork’s clear. No trace of drugs. Well, aside from some scotch.”
“Him as well, eh?”
“He’s not as bad as Chaos. What’s his name? Mayham.”

Mulligan: “It could’ve been caused by chemicals in the air around the compound.”
Cully: “Or psyyyyyychiiiic poooooweeeeers!”
Mulligan: “…Not now.”

“I was considering a tinfoil bowler hat.”
“It’s a great idea.”

“I wish the boss was here.”

According to GM, we probably only have one session left of this adventure. To find out when we play WAKO or WACKO, check back next week!