Why does this CD rack have 'Made in R'lyeh' on it?

Still slightly mentally scarred from seeing big, red eyes in the sky, the show had to go on. Cully went back to North Platte to do some research - not that anything useful really came from it. Bones and McAffe headed up to Three Mile Lake to check if it was a portal to R'lyeh or not. They founds lots and lots of flies, so ... probably not. Or maybe. We're not sure yet.

Mulligan, meanwhile, went to have another look at the girlfriend-murderer's house, and by the computer, found a peculiar sort of CD rack looking thing. When the right sort of rolls had been made, it was found that the discs contained a very long and rambling message about the End Times. The ones who bothered reading this lost a bit of Sanity in the process. (Cully declined to read any of it for religious reasons.)

In other news, Marshal Bones is down to 20-something Sanity. He might not last to the end of the adventure.

Courtesy of Wednesday 21 August 2013's Delta Green adventure at Chimera.

“In roleplaying, being psychotic can be considered normal.”

“Would you rather be a big pile of books or a penis?”
“I’m not really sure what the difference is, to be honest.”

Overheard from another group: “I want to stab you in the dick so badly!!”
Player in our group: “The table behind us is getting violent.”

“History is written by victors … or, history is not read by Americans.”

“And then you die horribly. Or you throw ten sticks of dynamite at it and see what happens.”

“Your knowledge of these things is unsettling.”

“It’s better you crack BEFORE the battle than DURING the battle.”
“We’re having crack?”

Player 1: “Is there a gun shop nearby?”
Player 2+3: “YES. It’s America.”
Player 4: “It’s a town of 850 inhabitants. They probably have three.”

GM: “You arrive at Three Mile Lake. It’s not Little R'lyeh.”
Player: “So what is it?”
GM: “It’s a lake, about three miles long?”

Player 1: “Try playing the banjo. Like the rat catcher, but with flies. If rats can like flute music, why can’t flies like banjo music?”
Player 2: “I can’t see why not.”
Player 3: “This side of the table is the lost Sanity party.”

Bones: “YOU walk out there and touch the car!”
McAffe: “I’m not an idiot!”

“You’re relying on a rental car to get out of that water …”

“Someone’s died, I wonder if they were on acid.”

“If he’s secreted himself in a corner, does that mean he’s shat himself?”

“I was ready to rock’n’roll. I’m ALWAYS ready to rock’n’roll. Or country.” (Hums beginning of Duelling Banjos)

GM: “There is writing in English on two of the discs.”
Player: “Does it say ‘Made in R'lyeh’ or ‘Property of Cthulhu’?”

Bones: “Why would someone break in to put something here?”
Mulligan: “So that it can be taken away by someone. Let’s do that!”

“You guys have very wild theories sometimes.”

“A compound the government doesn’t know about, or ‘doesn’t know about’?”

GM: “The birds are attacking you. Hundreds of them. It’s basically Hitchcock.”

“Eyebrows are over-rated. They’re not really used for anything anyway.”

GM: “The car’s okay, but you’re gonna have to pull birds out of the grille.”

“So we’re just stealing stuff now.”
“We’re not stealing, it’s evidence.”
“So that’s what we’re calling it now. ‘Evidence’.”

“So I saved £30 but nearly had a heart attack.”

“Not a critical failure.”
“But not a brilliant success.”

“I’m existentially terrified, how about you?”

“It sounded like a mini black hole.”
“You’re not making it sound any better.”

“Nebraska’s in the middle of the USA. That’s a fucking big storm.”
“That’s the correct meteorological term for it.”

NPC (in bar, to the other patrons): “He’s phoned me up in the middle of a storm to ask me if I’ve seen a CD rack! Can you believe this guy?”

“This Ghroth system, does it have anything to do with the CD rack?”
“Good. I was just checking to see how drunk I was.”

“Mulligan sounds like a crazy nutjob!”
“Mulligan IS a crazy nutjob.”

Oh yeah, there was also a humongous storm outside. The sort of storm that was pretty much a coast-to-coast thing. Mulligan has probably noted it down in his notepad of armageddon omens.