Football is the answer to everything, including cake

At Trevor's mansion (it has a long drive, it's a mansion), we settled down for the night. Cans of Stella, football on telly, zombies trying to break through the back door ... the usual. We also found Trevor's sister Agatha in the basement - but she seems to have lost the plot.

Eddie sacrificed his precious pimped-out baseball bat hitting at the zombie, and we all got away relatively unscathed. Well, apart from the bodyguard, but hey, he's just an NPC.

And then we had pizza, looked at old school internet message boards and made contact with a potential ally in Nottingham.

It was an eclectic sort of session.

Courtesy of Wednesday 13 November 2013's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“I can tell you what killed them. From playing Civilization.”
“You mean YOU killed them?”

“Let’s give the other table cake envy.”

GM: “What are you doing?”
Player: “I can’t do anything until I’ve had a slice of that cake.”

Trevor: “Someone’s taken the bread I made and taken it to the basement.”
Tilly: “That’s not a euphemism, I take it?”


“You put three Man United supporters in the hospital with that bat! On the same day!”

Zolistagol (expelling zombies): “Get the hell out! In Russian. Vladivostok!”

GM: “It’s absorbing your soul.”
Eddie (mutters): “Nottingham fan.”
Player: “That’s your answer to everything?”
Eddie: “Not EVERYthing.”

“I know EXACTLY what I’m doing next.”
“Have a bit more cake?”

Zolistagol: “You’re probably going to think I’m crazy.”
Bodyguard: “This is Derby. Everyone’s crazy.”

“Zombies are beating down the door and trying to kill me. There might not BE a tomorrow!”

Trevor: “You know that chair was an antique.”
Eddie: “A what?”
Trevor: “It’s very rare. Now it’s even rarer.”
Eddie: “Then these pieces must be worth even more!”

Eddie: “I know a place in Normanton she could stay.”
Tilly: “It’s not the place with the loft converted to a greenhouse, is it?”
Eddie: “No, that’s further down the road … How do you know about that? Oh, herbs, yeah.”

“10 o’clock is not late!”
“It is where I’m from.”

Eddie: “Scotland? They’re not even very good at football!”
Zolistagol: “What does football have to do with anything?!”
Eddie: “What are you talking about?! Football is EVERYTHING!”

Eddie: “Who’s Rasputin?”
Zolistagol: “Rasputin was a Russian monk reputed to do miracles.”
Eddie: “Like Jet Li?”

“How do we make contact with them?”
“Do they have a Twitter account?”

Trevor: “I’m a criminal judge who’s a lord and into politics. Of course I’m dodgy!”

“An hour ago, you wanted to run away. Now the house is ‘well-fortified’?”

Player: “Why’s the bodyguard got blood on his hands?”
GM: “He’s trying to stay awake.”
Player: “Yeah … I see how blood loss could work …?!”

Zolistagol: “Probably cooking meth in the basement.”
Eddie: “Nah, I don’t do chemicals.”
Zolistagol: “You DO surprise me.”
Eddie: “I prefer herbal remedies.”
Tilly: “Good man.”

Things have gone well so far, and we're starting to get to grips with the new characters and their quirks. To be continued!