We don't need no edumacation!

In a bizarre, Matrix-esque twist, we kept coming across people called Eric Smith. One of whom was Eddie's brother Daniel - who was in two places at once. One version was Dan the Man, the other one was a clean-cut Daniel in a crisp, white shirt. A very disturbing sight. While looking through some files, we also discovered an Eric Smith who was the spitting image of Lord Trevor ... and an Erica Smith, looking like Dr Tilly's twin.

There were also scenes in university lecture halls, posh restaurants (Trevor paid, so we like him), kebab shops, mansions and terraced houses. Oh, and Lord Trevor decided to hire himself a bodyguard for lots of money. The two university lecturers, less well-endowed money-wise, had to settle for living on the same street as Eddie, and Eddie takes care of His People.

Oh, and the next table over had a delightful singalong, which we managed to hijack. :D

Courtesy of Wednesday 30 October 2013's Hunter: The Reckoning roleplaying session at Chimera.

“You’re here already! I thought you’d be … weeks.”
“Felt like it.”

“I think my favourite is Nyarlathotep.”
“Which is just as well, because he’s everywhere.”

“There’s people in Nottingham who can’t quite hear them.”
“It’s that kind of car.”

Zolistagol: “I feel like turning to drugs now myself, but vodka will do.”

(When the rest of the party are in a fancy restaurant and Trevor has just ordered everyone croque messieurs.)
Eddie: “You guys are missing out. I’m having KEBAB!”

Eddie: “Do I have an email address?”
GM: “Why do you have a computer? You have guys for that.”

(Another table finally managed to stop their Bohemian Rhapsody singalong, when, from our table …)
Player (loudly): “Jaaayne!”
(The other table duly launches into a rendition of The Hero of Canton.)
Player (happy and proud): “I broke the other table!”

Eddie: “I have a book too.”
Matilda: “What, the phone book?”
Eddie: “Oh, I have that one too. So I have two books.”

Matilda: “I grow medicinal herbs.”
Eddie: “If you’re planning on selling any herbage, you need to talk to me first.”
Matilda: “Even peppermint tea?”

Trevor: “It’s police jurisdiction.”
Player: “You’re in the Masons! Come on! Just use a wiggly handshake and there you go.”

“We could meet up for lunch, or would that be too forward? I’m not going to sleep with you, so you know.”

GM: “Prosecutor: David Lyncher.”
Player: “‘David LYNCHer’?”
GM: “It’s a good name, appropriately evil.”

Zolistagol: “He could’ve been identified by his wallet.”
Matilda: “Yeah, we didn’t loot the body.”
Zolistagol: “Well, I took a credit card.”
Trevor: “To cut your crack?”
Eddie: “You’re a crack dealer?!”

Matilda: “It looks like a constellation.”
Eddie: “Constipation? I can get you something for that from the pharmacy.”
Player 1+2 (singing): “We don’t need no edumacation!”

Matilda: “If you picture the man on the photo, but as a Mormon, you’re pretty close.”
Eddie: “Hey! Why are you calling my brother a moron?! He’s quite smart. He got a C.”

Matilda: “Some of us have got jobs.”
Eddie: “I’ve got a job. Loitering around.”

Player 1: “I get it, they’re ALL Agent Smith!”
GM: “Keep it simple.”
Player 2: “Don’t take the red pill!”

Dan Smith: “One of those former Soviet countries. Lithuania, Romania … some kind of Ania or Stan.”
Eddie: “Czechoslovakistan?”

Bodyguard: “There’ll be rules.”
Trevor: “Like what?”
Bodyguard: “I’ll let you know when you’re breaking them.”

Eddie: “There was some kind of double … Düsseldorfer.”
Zolistagol: “Doppelganger.”

Eddie: “The judge has lost it.”
Zolistagol: “For once, Eddie, we agree.”

“Isn’t it a BIT of a leap to go from ‘this is a bit odd’ to ‘we’re chosen by God’?”

“He’s completely paraffin.”
“You mean paranoid.”

“It’s a good thing we have a psychologist.”
“I’ll get the straightjacket.”

Things have gone well so far, and we're starting to get to grips with the new characters and their quirks. To be continued!