Getting maimed? Not in the mood!

Well, the Rakshasa were toast and the party survived, so that's good. The group also had a chance to catch up with Booker. Drake went and got his armour sorted, as his player was indisposed.

Booker, it turns out, used to kill innocent people for money before he met us. We daresay it explains a few things. The amulet he bought off a friend (who was a little too eager to get rid of it) turns out to be a symbol of Splugorth, and that's generally not considered a good fashion accessory.

And then we used those red bandannas to infiltrate Rakshasa Raider territory while trying to find that big box full of doom gate, and uh, let's just say we're starting to have a Bad Feeling about this campaign ...

Courtesy of Wednesday 4 June 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“You don’t want to loot the bodies? What kind of a roleplayer ARE you?”

GM: “You find a working comms unit. How did that happen?!”

GM: “Someone mentions your name, Mr Evil Wizard.”
Baradhi: “Evil?”

GM: “On the bed lies two of these.” (shows picture to Baradhi)
Baradhi: “Ohhh.”
Player: “Are you in trouble?”

“I think they want to hurt us rather than kill us, because they’re afraid of Ixchal.”
“I’m not in the mood to get maimed.”

Booker: “I kill one Rakshasa and it’s a moral problem. You kill 20 and it’s YOUR problem.”
Baradhi: “No, we kill 20 and it’s YOUR problem.”

Gorbash: “Maybe it’s time for Booker to kill some Rakshasa.”
Player: “Hrm. MORE Rakshasa.”

“If you’re gonna piss them off, piss them off professionally.”

Jayson (filling out expenses form): “Can I put down wear and tear on the horse? Mileage?”

“I think his idea of diplomacy is using a sledgehammer.”

Booker: “‘Assassin’ is a very strong word … Contract killing requires a certain amount of finesse.”

“He said I would need it more than him.”
“You will now!”

Jayson: “At this point, I will start to frown disapprovingly.” (Booker tells of his past as a hitman)

Booker: “I didn’t want to kill innocent people anymore.”
Baradhi: “You got bored.”
Booker: “Yeah.”

Gorbash: “Who’d want to kill children?!”
Player: “Their parents, on occasion.”

Baradhi: “The Rakshasa think you’re working for Splugorth.”
Booker: “Is that a bad thing?”
Baradhi: “… Yeah.”

Gorbash: “Can I have the amulet?”
Booker: “No. I need to nail it to somebody’s chest for the rest of his life.”

Player: “I’ve got a question.”
GM: “I might have an answer.”

Booker: “We might have accidentally killed 20 Rakshasa in their territory.”
John: “Accidentally? 20?!”

John: “Booker, are you sure this is the safest thing to do?”
Booker: “No!”

“Booker’s in charge for one day. ONE. DAY.”

“Guys, let’s not blow up parts of the city.”

“The way you keep talking about these explosives, I think we need more of them.”

“We need some good stealth spells. A ‘you didn’t see me’ spell.”

“It’s like the bandanas are a plot device and everything!”

“Are we REALLY going to do this?”

“Those Cadbury Roses are different than I remember.”
“They’ve mutated!”

“So we’re Lawful Evil instead of Chaotic Evil is what you’re saying.”