Who doesn't want to roll a bucket of d6?

Investimagations continued. Baradhi and Jayson went to a pub so that Baradhi could appear to be asleep, when he in actual fact was in astral form looking at Rita the Major Babe's shop with Jayson standing sitting guard. There were three large smoke pillars - solid on the astral plane - that took up most of the room.

Meanwhile, the other three were back at base, with Booker still in charge. Because the other two didn't check back in, Gorbash was dispatched to make sure they weren't in trouble.

They weren't. They just hadn't checked in. The three kept looking around a bit more, and talked to a shopkeeper.

And then they didn't check in on a very good line, so Drake was dispatched. Booker stayed back at the base ... having a coffee ... very slowly ...

And then a lot of Rakshasa came for the rest of the party, from every direction ...

So. Anyone for Rakshasa mince?

Courtesy of Wednesday 28 May 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“We would never transfer transgressions between games in a revenge-like fashion. It would be very unprofessional.”

Player: “I can peek at your notes if I sit here.”
GM: “Question is can I peak at YOUR notes?”

GM: “Why did you kidney-punch that merchant?”
Player: “Because he was worth it.”

“I’m trying to reform.”
“Reform? With YOUR reputation?”

“Do you know why there’s too much coconut on it? Because there’s coconut on it.”

GM: “I’m very pleased you found your notes.”
Player: “We’re ALL very pleased you found your notes.”

“So that’s what the world has come to – even cats get photoshopped.”

“I’m not against him, unlike you.”

“You wouldn’t want to forget HER birthday, would you? It would be messy.”

Drake: “I don’t like people.”
Booker: “We work for Mr Charity himself and you don’t like people?”
Gorbash: “I’m not even human and I like people.”

Booker: “Drake, before you go down to the armoury, could we have a minute, you and me?”
Drake: “No. I’m busy.”

“Are you going OCD on the pencils?” (watching another player sharpening all his pencils)
“I thought I’d make them weaponised.”

“I’m now carbonised.”
“Like Han Solo.”

“We ran up a small bar tab – they ran up 50k!”

“I thought that was your opening line: ‘oh, you’re heavily armed’!”

“Do you normally carry around plasma cannons when you go shopping?”

Baradhi: “He basically told us to fornicate away, in not so many words.”

“They don’t sneak, they tactically retreat out the back door.”

“I did tell him not to blow the bloody doors off.”

Booker: “How many Rakshasas have you killed?”
Drake: “None. I’m on my best behaviour.”
Booker: “GOOD.”
Drake: “Don’t patronise me!”

Gorbash: “This is probably going to end bloody.”
Drake: “Yes it is.”

GM: “Roll Detect Ambush.”
Jayson: “98. I’m too busy studying my biceps or something.”

GM: “When he feels the hairs on his neck rise and a chill down his spine, he WILL duck.”
Jayson: “With a grace that would make a cat blush.”

Baradhi: “I think Drake’s in the mood for a fight.”
Drake: “I’m always in the mood for a fight.”
Baradhi: “I’ve noticed that.”

Gorbash: “I’m in the shadows … playing The Rasmus on my flute.”

“You’re fine. Hack, maim, slash, go!”

“I fire, it’s fine. YOU fire, GM needs a book.”

Player: “I’m sure I’ve missed something before.”
GM: “You were blind at the time, though.”

Drake: “Turn around or I’m gonna scoop you up in a bin bag!”

“You’re fine! What do you want on your tombstone, by the way?”

“Shoot the fucker!”
“It’s turning into a Tarantino film, isn’t it?”

“Who doesn’t want to roll a bucket? Buckets are COOL.”

“A bit of mindless violence just sort of adds to it.”

Bring some bin bags next week, yeah?