Find the storekeeper, save the world

We finished off the last of the battle. Jayson's laser rifle misfired and blew away a part of a building. Before it collapsed, Gorbash saved the woman and child who we could see were in the building. Both him and Jayson then broke into song to calm them down. The remaining Rakshasa had already run away at this point.

While Gorbash went to flirt have a chat with Ixchal, the rest of the group took the recently made homeless mother and child back to the Blackstone Juggernaut headquarters, where they were assured they would be perfectly safe - and the mum could even get a job.

As Baradhi had a look through the (unexpected) eyes of Sister Anna, there were clues. Perhaps Rita the Babe was a bit more powerful in the wizarding department than we had expected. Back at her shop, we encountered another group of mercenaries - difference was their (stupidly paid) mission wasn't to find her, it was to kill her, but a bargain was struck: we find her and cash in, then they can take over and cash in their job and everyone's happy.

We closed the session having explored the magical runes protecting the tables in the shop and even found our way into the cellar ... and there was a gate. OMINOUS!!

Courtesy of Wednesday 25 June 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“When dogs bite someone completely unprovoked, they’re put down.”
“I wouldn’t mind if footballers were put down too.”

“There was an Irishman waiting for Thai food. He spoke football at us.”

Player 1: “Has Freddy Ljungberg gone down the David Beckham route these days?”
Player 2 (confused, to Player 3): “Is he talking football at us?”

GM: “Oh you remembered your character today?”

“YAY INNOCENTS! You’re now one of us!” (to Jayson who missed the bad guys and accidentally blasted part of a building instead)

GM: “On initiative 22, my guys come in.”
Booker: “What?! I’m definitely on a break!”

Booker: “I’m trying to be a good guy.”
GM: “He glances down the street at the carnage, exploded buildings …”

GM: “So essentially, he’s dead. I just have to figure out how.”

Booker: “What’s your name, Bob?”
GM: “Bob Geldof.”

Jayson: “Do you have a place to stay?” (to recently homeless mother + child)
GM: “She glances up at the ruined building.”

“Can’t Gorbash sort that out by breathing on him?”
“It would take off the tattoos … and also his face.”
“As a player, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Booker: “What have you been doing?!”
Baradhi: “Killing people.”
Booker: “But there are GUNS for that!”

“The spectacle of a singing dragon in the middle of a street full of dead bodies has had a calming effect on them.”

“Okay, so find the storekeeper, save the world. Got it.”

“Just because he wants someone’s dragonblood doesn’t mean he’s evil.”

“Sorry, there’s no justice. You should have realised this by now.”

“House got blown up. Best day ever!”

Baradhi: “Just modifying my alignment a little. Scrupulous … ish.”

“You mean you’re a JEALOUS psychopath.”

Player: “For a retired assassin who has left all that behind, you’re very preoccupied with how many more people the other four have killed.”
Booker: “I keep missing all the good fights!”

“Stop! Blam blam! Before I shoot! Blam blam!”

Booker: “I haven’t broken a contract in 15 years.”
Player: “16 years ago, on the other hand …”

“Please! For the love of god! Do the adventure!”

Could we possibly be heading toward a conclusion? It might even be next session! Gasp!!