Offhanded guess becomes true!

I think we can summarise this session with "wow".

So, in the crowd, we saw this weird dude - who turned out was a Sunaj called Marvin. A Sunaj is some kind of Splugorth minion. He offered to give Booker something that will help him/us in the fight to come, and Booker managed to make the Sunaj agree to help out with the Lion situation.

Lion was brought forth, shed his disguise and was - gasp say it ain't so - a Rakshasa. Surprise! (Not really.) Fighting broke out. Booker emptied his guns into Lion's chest and Gorbash then grabbed hold of Lion, who turned into mist form beacuse he could. Dragonbreath singed him slightly, we think. At any rate, the Rakshasa disappeared and we had helped save the East Side Boys gang.

Their leader, Maria, having had the Cyber-Knight as a full body shield in the fight took a shine to him, and spent the next few hours flirting with him over cups of tea in the company of Baradhi. Gorbash went to talk to Ixchal about what was going on (Rita requested her presense), and Booker went to receive his gift. The gift turned out to be an Elom, a symbiod creature whose only real downside (maybe) is that only servants of Splugorth are ever seen wearing them. At the back of their neck. Still, it might come in useful later, so Booker named it "Bally".

We finished off by finally meeting Rita, a.k.a. Hecate, who hadn't really thought to check what dimension she was asked to make a portal to/from. She agreed that maybe that gate needs stopping after all. But that's the next adventure. Cliffhanger!!

Courtesy of Wednesday 23 July 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“But my giant d6! They have served me so well!”
“Have they?”
“… Sometimes.”

“We don’t HAVE to kill him, though.”
“But it’d be nice to.”

Gorbash: “She’s a Cyber-Knight. He. HE’S a Cyber-Knight.”
Jayson: “I’m not offended, I’m just saying that just because I have a ponytail does not mean I’m female. Maybe I should get a beard.”
Gorbash: “It would help. But then people might think you’re a dwarf.”
Jayson: “I’m too tall to be a dwarf.”
Gorbash: “On stilts.”
Jayson: “See, NOW I’m starting to take offense …”

“We can’t really start without him.”
“That’s okay, we can just talk bollocks for a bit, that’s what we normally do.”
“How dare you! Telling the truth like that!”

GM: “They’re not military, really.”
Player: “If you strap enough of them together …”

“Why didn’t you just shout ‘Oh no! He’s going to kill us all!’? It would’ve been much more interesting.”

Player (to GM): “You know how much I DON’T hate you, right?”

Booker: “I wasn’t famed for love-making, no.”
Jayson: “So what you’re saying is, you were known for being un-memorable in bed.”
Gorbash: “He always killed the mood.”

GM: “Dogs are probably treated better than the Sunaj by the Splugorth and their minions.”
Player: “They’re Theon Greyjoy!”

“I’ve watched Aladdin, I know how to get one free wish from a genie.”

GM: “Dark Conversions is the book with all the GOOD people in it, obviously.”

“You know what? BOOM! Offhanded guess becomes true!”

(After a player has a prolonged and rather severe coughing fit)
“Don’t worry us! We’ve nearly finished this adventure!”

“Question is: can we sell Lion's body later for Chinese medicine?”

GM: “The sword cuts into your armour like there’s no tomorrow.”
Baradhi: “There might not be.”

GM: “You take 40 MDC.”
Booker: “HOW much?!”
GM: “40 MDC.”
Booker: “HOW much?!”
GM: “40 MDC.”
Booker: “I can survive that hit … once.”

Player: “I don’t know this system very well.”
GM: “No one does. Including the GM.”

GM: “You still have the opportunity to mock him.”
Player 1: “Pock-pock-pock-pock-POCKAAHH!”
Player 2: “It’s chicken kitty!”

Booker: “Why me?”
Marvin: “You are the Chosen One.”
Booker: (facepalms)
Player: “Yer a wizard, Harry.”

(movie trailer voice) “Booker, Chosen of Splugorth. He denies it for three weeks but now he accepts it as fate.”

Marvin: “Please take off your armour so we can strengthen you.”
Player: “To be fair, there’s not much left of it.”

Baradhi: “I have Lore in everything. I have Lore in knowing Lore.”

“It’s not a parasite! That’s in a different section in the book!”

GM: “I’m giving you guys so much help! Ixchal, Rita … I don’t know why you guys are so grumpy.”

“‘No but yes’ is never a good sign.”

“Is she like the city guy? Good for an evil guy?”

(On hearing another party doing the same adventure were more investigative and less fighty)
“I think we investigated a lot! Especially the insides of many Rakshasa. They were investigated quite thoroughly.”

So yeah, that's us done with Rifts for this time. Next session we're having a look at D&D 5th Ed.