We're never going to finish this adventure

I forgot to post this last week because parents were visiting from abroad and stuffs. Last week, we played a bit of Relic, and I should've actually taken notes because there were some funny things said, but I didn't, so never mind.

We went through the portal in Rita's shop and ended up in the City of Brass. It's not a Mortal Instruments book. (... Or is it?) We took a boat trip, talked to Necrophims and their Soul Snakes and tried bargaining with them. It went so-so.

We got through a magic circle outside a door to what appeared to be Rita's workshop, and we've discovered that she's some kind of alien intelligence. We may have helped ourselves to some gems she'll never miss. (*cough*)

And we finished by going back on the boat all the way back to the portal and left the shop with fresh clues.

Courtesy of Wednesday 2 July 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

Player: “I’m now almost as tough as a Brodkill.”
GM: “But they went down really easily?”
Player: “It didn’t feel like it.”

Jayson: “Is it wrong to say I don’t want any more skills?”

Booker: “I’ve already got people thinking I’m Splugorth.”
Baradhi: “But you ARE Splugorth, aren’t you?”

“You’re familiar with the story of Jonah and the whale? I feel like we’re Jonah and this is inside the whale.”
“Oh, hush.”

“We’re DEAD.”
“That’s why I’m letting you know before anyone does anything we won’t live to regret.”

“What part of ‘demon’ don’t you understand?”

GM: “They don’t really have any vulnerabilities, except psi-swords and lots of hacking.”

“It’s like when you play Doom 1 and the harddrive starts to whirr. You know something’s coming.”

Booker: “From Booker with love!”
Monsters: “Booker, you say?”

“Do you want me to have a feel of it? Ooo-eer.”

“‘It took longer than anticipated.’ Just like a software project!”

“Which contract killers should we choose first?”

“We’ll knock on doors.”
“Would you like a free book written by JESUS?”

“What were the creatures called?”

GM: “A guy like that.”
Player: “RoboCop?”

Gorbash: “They’re on the other side of the magic circle.”
NPC: “THE magic circle? How did that happen?”
Gorbash + Jason (jazzhands): “Magic!”

GM: “You’re never going to finish this adventure.”

We have got the D&D 5th Ed (or 3.75, if you like) starter pack thingamajig that we're eager to try so that's likely to come up before we embark on something more familiar. If we ever finish this adventure ...