After getting a good night's sleep back home at the Blackstone headquarters, we followed clues. Booker went to the Crow Bar and got sloshed on psychedelic potions for "research purposes", and Gorbash went to see if Ixchal was home. She wasn't.

However, Jayson flashed some Cyber-Knight armour, making shopkeepers a bit nicer to us, and we found clues that took us north east, to the Silversmith Gang territory. Apparently they're quite nice ... as gangs go.

Further on from them were the East Side Boys, another gang, a couple of whose members were seen escorting Rita roundabout when she went AWOL. The ESB were really rather concerned about our presense, because our reputation preceeded us. Their attitude was along the lines of "PLEASE DON'T KILL US". We had no plans to. Although, their leader Maria's reliance on a "powerful mage" called Lion was a bit creepy. Lion insulted the lot of us to various degrees. For instance, claiming the Cyber-Knight wasn't a Cyber-Knight. Maybe we'll feed him that fusion bomb next session. You can't trust people who claim to be powerful mages when they're defrauding people with psionics!

On a sad note, we've lost our Glitter Boy player due to him having other commitments (we wish him well). On the other hand, he might or might not be replaced by a guy who's already familiar with this blog, because he's been quoted on here before. It might up the madness a bit more. GASP!

Courtesy of Wednesday 16 July 2014's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“Wait, didn’t you blow up a van full of people?”
“No. She did.”

“He added an element of insanity to the party, which we were lacking.”
“It’s not often you hear that.”

“I’m gonna take the d20 that goes up to 25.”

Booker: “Why are you wearing that headband?”
Baradhi: “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

GM (to Baradhi): “Lightbringer, I like that. - Note it down, it’s now your bug name.”

“That’s what the players do, make the GM laugh.”

Gorbash: “Because you’re acting odd.”
GM: “Odder.”

NPC: “You don’t mess with the Rakshasa if you can avoid it.”
Player: “We’ve noticed that.”

Jayson: “Surprisingly, no, I don’t have Streetwise.”
Gorbash: “Wow, it’s one of the skills you DON’T have.”

“Are you used to seeing walls move? Seeing sounds? It’ll be an education.” (drinking psychedelic potions)

“Next time we see him, he’ll be in a tie-dye shirt with red-tinted glasses and a wooden bead necklace.”

GM: “Silversmiths is a nice gang to have rule over you and be racketeered by.”

“By a giant stationary carrot, she will be all right!”

“Ignoring the fact that we shot first, THEY shot first.”

GM: “The game master should stop laughing.”

Booker (to gang): “I’m not going to kill you!”
Gorbash: “I tried that too. It didn’t work.”

Gorbash: “The guy who shat himself is starting to smell again.”
Player (sniffing): “I think the toilet is LARPing.”

Player: “What day of the week is it?”
GM: “You know that better than I!”


(Booker cuts his arm with a knife to show the gang he bleeds just like any other human)
Baradhi: “You’re freaking ME out now!”

“I take it back, we ARE a gang.”

Booker: “This good guy stuff is really fricken’ HARD. I don’t know how you guys manage it.”

GM: “He swears in Demagogian.”
Baradhi: “Does he question my parentage and thinks I should do something anatomically impossible?”

“I don’t always play rogues! You’ve mis-stereotyped me!”

Next session should be the resolution of the Rita plotline. Well, SHOULD. We don't think that word means what the GM thinks it means.