A symbiote is for life, not just for Christmas

First session of the new year, woo! We started by having a chat with Rita, who we found out last time was the goddess Hecate. Or a part of her. Or something like that. She found our party to be very interesting, seeing as how we're such an eclectic mix of people ... and other entities. Booker with his new back parasite, for instance, smelled particularly intriguing.

We brought her along to see Rolf, a.k.a. the guy who hired us to find his "wife" Rita. Booker showed him the list of expenses (which were previously agreed in the contract drawn up on accepting the mission), which was about ten times more than the 100k base fee. After deductions. Well, at least he paid up before Rita killed him.

On the plus side, we made a new friend: a Norse dwarf called Ulmolf, a Runesmith, who is a welcome addition to the group.

Needing to stake out the Crow Bar for a gargoyle called Granite, Booker had apparently misunderstood the instructions for this, so we spent a good long while drinking a concoction which took us to a funky cloud room in the astral plane. This "room" was later destroyed by Baradhi and Gorbash, who tried to find a door out to the normal astral plane. No one has ever been barred from the Crow Bar before, but umm ... we might be the first. Possibly.

We were only meant to stake out the place and wait for Granite to show up, so we could persuade him to give up some information. No need for astral plane stalking. Oh well. While we did that, Gorbash turned into a dwarf and went drinking with Ulmolf and Gorbash. Jayson, who didn't have time to get jiggy with Maria earlier, found some time with her now. Baradhi waited down the road from the bar and when Granite showed up, followed him back to what appeared to be Gargoyle Central. Oops?

Courtesy of Tuesday 6 January 2015's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“Samurai Vikings! That would be AMAZING!”

Swede 1: “Let me read you something from the Daily Mail.”
Brit: “Oh, bring up the dregs from OUR culture! Let me just find that Swedish neo-Nazi website …”
Swede 2 + Honorary Swede: “Which one?”

Booker (to Jayson): “What do I get? A parasite. What do you get? Women.”

Player: “The crucial question: did Jayson get any?”
GM: “There wasn’t really time to get any. But he could definitely go back whenever and get some.”
Player: “Excellent.”

Player: “Have you prepared for the wrong adventure?”
GM: “Yes, I have.”

Rita (flirting with Booker): “So human, and yet so … not.”

Jayson: “HE! I know I have the hair but that doesn’t make me less male!”
GM: “You need to print out a picture where you look really butch.”
Player: “That could be arranged. I mean, oh no, I have to google an image of Jayson? The humanity!”

“You can tell it’s been three or four weeks since the last session. We’ve really missed scrota.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll catch up. We always do.”

“A symbiote is for life, not just for Christmas.”

Gorbash (to Booker): “When you stop seeming paranoid and crazed, I’ll worry.”

“Guy in a mask? They’re always the most trustworthy, guys in masks.”

“You LIKE them? Not even the Swedish people like them!” (some seasonal Swedish candy)
“I think that’s the one thing the Brits AND Swedes can agree on!”

GM: “I keep giving you guys things that can’t come off, don’t I?”
Hunter GM: “At least the things I give you come out of you after a while!”

Rita: “Why would you take it off?”
Baradhi: “Paranoia?”
Booker: “Hey, that’s MY job! Get off!”

“Can I just borrow your stats for a while? No reason.”

Gorbash: “YOU’RE the magnet for people wanting to kill you, not the thing on your back.”
Booker: “THANKS! I feel so much better!”

Rita: “I want to stay with my husband … what’s his name again?”

Baradhi: “While we’re in town, can I pay a visit to my friendly fusion bomb merchant and see if he has any goods for me?”

“To clarify: we’re terrible people and we’re the GOOD guys.”

Booker: “Murder is a little disturbing when I’m not doing it.”

Booker: “Is that what I think it is?”
Ulmolf: “Well, what do you think I am, eh?”
Booker: “I wasn’t looking at you. I meant the book.”
Ulmolf: “… Clever laddie.”

Baradhi: “I’m afraid Booker has his own special brand of negotiation.”
Booker: “Says the man with the bomb.”

Booker: “Splugorth is a scum-sucking mollusc you’d find in the bottom of your beard if you dipped it in acid.”
Ulmolf: “Why would I dip my beard in acid?”

Baradhi: “If anyone knows what a Ley Walker looks like, I look like one.”

Ulmolf: “Is he having a fit?”
Booker: “No, I’m reloading my gun.”
Gorbash: “The fact that it’s already loaded, ignore that.”

“This isn’t good for my Karma.”
“Karma?! You worry about Karma?!”

Ulmolf (about Booker): “Does he have an off-switch?”

“Because lying to a god is usually seen as a good thing.”

“Let’s find the gargoyle and beat him up.”
“Sounds like my kind of evening!”

“I did not ever intend to play this character as calm.”

Player: “All the clouds burn, you die. End of Rifts.”
GM: “Well, you wanted a short scenario, didn’t you?”

“Violence is our speciality.”

“Let’s just throw ourselves into the astral plane willy-nilly.”
“Sounds great. Bottom’s up!”

“I don’t think that’s a clever idea.”
“Clever? It’s just an idea.”

GM: “Roll for it.”
Player: “Muh. I’m pouting now.”

GM: “I hadn’t actually contemplated this thing.”
Player: “We’re roleplayers!”

“And then the bad thing happens.”

“Go on, then. Let’s torture this bloke.” (‘talk to’ is what might have actually been said but I defo heard ‘torture’!)

Jayson: “Does anyone have Travel Scrabble? We’re gonna need to pass the time somehow.”
Ulmolf: “I vote we play Tic-Tac-Toe on this bastard’s back.”

“It’s quite a surreal experience being in this group, isn’t it?”

“This could be an interesting fight. He’s the king of the gargoyles and we’re wanting to duff him up.”

Ulmolf: “That’s why I have a hammer. You can’t run out of ammo.”
Player: “Is that why you like to get hammered?”

Player: “I have no stats for my weapons or amour.”
GM: “Just roll dice and I’ll tell you what happens.”
Player: “I don’t trust this GM.”

Next session might be the last of the adventure. Already. :/ But we've only just begun!