The person who comes last can be Wil Wheaton

For the past few years we've hosted a New Year's boardgaming extravaganza at our place. This New Year's Eve was no exception.

We warmed up by playing Dixit, then Cards Against Humanity, and Betrayal at House on the Hill - which saw in midnight - and the next day, we rounded off by a few games of King of Tokyo.

That's right, we sure know how to party! #wearehorriblepeople

Courtesy of Wednesday 31 December 2014 and Thursday 1 January 2015's New Year's boardgaming extravaganza at the home of the two resident Hobbits.

“You’re all so far ahead.”
“I’m not.”

“This is my kind of party. A slow, steady stream of alcohol.”

“The person who comes last can be Wil Wheaton.”
“I don’t want to be Wil Wheaton. He’s got a funny-shaped head and kids.”

“I met someone else who didn’t like The Princess Bride.”
“Did you sacrifice him to the great goddess Kali?”
“No. He’d just bought me flowers, so it would’ve felt a bit rude.”

“This game is for 8-year-olds. People you DESPISE are better at this game than you.”
“Not if I chop off their hands!”

“He’s not got the taint, he’s got lovely eyelashes.”

“Who was Wanking into a pool of children’s tears?”

“Seriously granddad, shut up, you’re making me sad inside.”

“You can pretend Boris Johnson is Matthew McConaughey if you want.”
“Like his wife does every night.”

“It’s between Brown people and Cock.”
“A lot of people say that.”

“I really liked it but the others were better.”

“Dead baby! You can’t compete!”

“Is that my murdering face? Good to know.”

“It didn’t break the game that much.”

“If my dice were cocaine-based, they were a bargain.”

“Plus you’re Asian, so you have Kung Fu skills.”
“That’s a bit of racial profiling.”

“These rules are for five to six ‘experienced monsters’.”

“I shall remember this point in the game when I was leading. Half the people hadn’t taken their turns yet.”

“It’s not gonna happen, but it’s very tense, isn’t it?”

And in next week's post, the first Rifts session! Woop woop!