You see tentacles coming out of the portal

Booker seemed suddenly eager to give his stuff to other people, perhaps anticipating his Chosen One-ness being the death of him. Well, that didn't pan out.

First of all, Gorbash and Booker found Rita's Horcrux in the astral room. It was guarded by something and it was kicking off, so Gorbash got out of there. He'd never explained exactly how you leave the astral plane before the Psychedelic Dreams drink's timer runs out, so he ended up having to go back in to get Booker. Eventually they both returned.

Rita was happy to save the world as she had her little soul urn back, so we headed toward the place where Gabriel had set up the big portal/gate thing. (Did we mention Ulmolf, prior to joining the party, was one of the people working on putting that thing together? *slow clap*)

A big bomb full of shrapnel was dropped on a hoard of zombies, and it got rid of Gabriel as well. Nxla was on the other side trying to get in, we slew zombies, held the gate together (ohai Ixchal!) and were generally very distracting until Rita could finish her magics.

World: saved. Party death toll: zero. We win! :D

Courtesy of Tuesday 20 January 2015's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“How freaked out would you be if my runehammer WAS my penis?”

“As a grown-up, physically not mentally speaking of course …”

“Ahh I get it. – I don’t get it.”

“Oh, so you HAVE finally turned?”

“What possible evidence do you have that this isn’t a competent party?”
“… Experience?”

“Am I the only one who has the Flash Gordon song in their head?”
“Yes. But now that you’ve said it …”

“Why don’t we go and get the thing we need to get and save the world?”

Player: “The GM is losing the will to live!”
GM: “No, I’m enjoying this.”

“It’s only 20 000 gargoyles, what could go wrong?”

“Whatever it is you think I did, I didn’t do. – Why is the dragon staring at me?”

“What did he give you?”

“I do love when you converse with the dwarf, but we have to get back to work.”

“Squander?! On essential items required to complete the adventure?”

Player: “I think Booker has just given Jayson a pre-filled Grudge Book.”
Ulmolf: “That’s cheating! He’s not even dead yet! Yer meant to inherit it!”

“You’ve stopped me entering? Magically? I wonder if I can dispel it.”

“I have Lore: Psychic. I’m sensing a Brian … or a Steve …?”

GM: “You’ve done the most damage anyone has ever made in this game.”

GM: “I was thinking of giving you a Chest Amalgamate at first, but I thought you would protest too much.”

“It’s vibrating with power. It feels nice.”

Ulmolf: “There’s a genuine lack of breasts on that man! He has the chiselled physique of a Greek god!” (after someone referred to Jayson as a ‘she’ again)

Booker (drunk, to Ulmolf): “Have you always sounded like a lawnmower?”

Booker: “He likes me!” (his symbiote)
Ulmolf: “OF COURSE he likes you! He’s relying on your body to survive!”

“I have something to give you.”

“Is this where we get Booker to draw up a contract?”

Player 1: “Zeus loved those humans.”
Player 2: “Zeus loved humans with his penis.”
Zeus: “I also love humans when I’m a swan, with my swan penis.”
Player 1: “Fucking weirdo.”

Ulmolf: “You’ve read the same book as me, then?”
Jayson: “Hey, there’s nothing in the Codex about being celebate.”

“What happened to the nice GM? Can we have the nice GM back?”

GM: “No one has tried to abuse the system in that way before.”
Player: “Woohoo, first!”

“Are we doing a bombing raid? Are we now the Dambusters?”

“If it’s the next day, the world’s ended.”

“Most of my characters have had bombs and none of them have had a Demolition skill. It’s more fun if you don’t.”

“Best way to end a roleplaying game: blow up the whole thing.”

“What? Don’t start thinking ethically!”

“These dice are getting rolled and that’s that.”

Jayson: “What about a gratuitous shirtless scene? Would that distract them?”

“Have you dropped the bomb yet?”
“Look how excited he is!”

“What’s Intuitive Combat?”
“Chimp broken psychic ability.”

“Have you dropped the bomb yet? How about now? Now?”

“It’s taken us two hours to get here.”
“That’s because we’ve been debating it all of the way. This is why I love roleplaying with you guys.”

“Distracting Nxla? I was hoping that was plan Z not plan B.”

Jayson: “Hoverbike? I have a horse.”
Ulmolf: “You have a HORSE?”
Jayson: “A robot horse.”

GM: “You see two tentacles coming out of the portal.”
Player: “Tentacles? Fuck that!”

“I think this die is scared of Nxla.”

“We should sing the Killy Killy Death Death song.”

Booker: “Who did about 1600 damage?”
Player: “Who has the plot gun?”
Booker: “Who’s the Chosen One?”
Player: “Oh, NOW you’re okay being the Chosen One!”

“Good job encumbrance isn’t a thing in this game, isn’t it?”

That's right, we saved the world! Let's see if we can do as good a job in Hunter, shall we?