Mansions of Butthurt

A couple of players down, we did a bit of boardgaming. In this case, Mansions of Madness. The GM of the game targeted one of the players first, because he had the lowest stats, and the player wasn't too pleased about it. We all got to be the target at one stage or another, and in the end we all died and Cthulhu took over the world. Oh well ...

Courtesy of Tuesday 13 October 2015's Mansions of Madness boardgaming session at Chimera.

“Why are you touching my balls?”

“Are we having to use our brains for this? NOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Your go. You fucking knob.” (to GM)

“You should have let me be the GM. I’m much nicer.”

“Haha! I have a lantern! Suck it!”

GM: “You’re feeling uncomfortable.”
Player: “In game or in real life?”

“I can break it down using Strength or I can break it down using Strength.”

“Don’t fuck it up.”
(Rolls) “I fucked it up.”
“That’s the opposite of what you were supposed to do.”

“You’re so butthurt right now, it’s hilarious.”

Okay so it was a bit short. It's pretty short next post too, unfortunately.