I've missed the harassment and forgotten how to roll dice

After a whole month's worth of not roleplaying, we decided to change Tuesdays into Mondays so we could continue.

The party ended up going to the Temple of the Grey Seers. We had to remove our weapons, which made us slightly uncomfortable, and then a room exploded. See, there was this guy who was kinda psychic and he bombarded us with messages to the point where even the Cyber-Knight started crying for his mother, just before he passed out.

Then there was the Sunaj bloke, Martin, who was responsible for putting Bob the Symbiode on Booker's back. He died. The party did try to kill him quickly, but he had really good armour and stuff, so it took a while.

Ulmolf is trying to teach Gorbash how to do rune magic as well, so they considered turning the soul of the Sunaj into a runic spoon.

Basically, Gorbash probably isn't falling from graces, he's more sauntering downwards in a leisurly fashion ...

Courtesy of Monday 2 November 2015's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“Can I remember my stats from Rifts? I’m not Rain Man!”

“I’m adorable.”
“No. You’re about as adorable as a grizzly bear.”
“But grizzly bears are adorable! Right up until they maul your fucking face off.”

“I’m not a demon, so you’re classing me as a monster? That’s very dragon-ist.”

“This is what I missed. The harassment.”

“Everyone notices the hair, no one notices the beard.”
“You had a beard?”

“How do you roll dice? I’ve forgotten.”

“It’s been four weeks! We’re not gonna get ANY gaming done tonight!”

Gorbash: “It won’t be Bob, it’ll be Hecate pulling your strings.”
Booker: “Bitch.”

“He’s probably in the bar. He’s a dwarf. They drink and they break things. I dunno, this is my first dwarf.”

GM: “What skills do you have?”
Player: “I have ALL the skills!”

“Ulmolf, with all the social graces of a rock, doesn’t notice this.”

Player: “Are we on the same planet as your plot right now?”
GM: “Yes.”
Player: “Same continent?”

“When someone says they’ve made a lot of money from being an assassin, my first thought isn’t to steal from them.”

“I know, I just want to turn him into a chair.”

“When somebody’s dead, their stuff isn’t theirs.”

GM: “It’s not a very fast process, by the way.”
Player: “It’s okay. I’m not a petty man.”

Ulmolf: “There’s nothing wrong with rune forging! Just ask my hammer!”

“I get 10k souls to the gallon. I mean miles!”

“Deep purple, D, disposable.”
“As opposed to purple for personnel.”

Booker: “Blue, B, bad. Black, B, Booker.”
Alistair: “Why isn’t black the bad box?”
Booker: “Because black is my favourite colour.”

GM: “It didn’t go entirely to the GM’s plan, let’s put it that way.”

“A little bit of torture helps the soul … decay.”

“He’s shooting a wolf and I’m proving a point.”

“Are you trying to turn me into a caricature? Because I am.”

“This is the future, yeah? And this is our Earth? Why can’t we just call the Doctor?”
“It’s a fixed point in time.”

“He’s encountered a lot of things recently and has struck deals with most of them.”

“It wasn’t torture it was execution, because we didn’t ask him any questions.”

Ulmolf: “I’m not a fuckin’ prize cow.”
All: “Yes, you are.”

“Have they got a Gregg’s?”
“No, they have Space Gregg’s. It’s the future.”

Next post will also be Rifts, because yay!