Whose side am I supposed to be on?

So what happened was ... Hecate showed up in Ulmolf's head and sang her siren song again. For character replacement purposes, Ulmolf said "alright then" and had Odin show up in town, asking him wtf he thinks he's doing. They both disappeared through a rift back to Asgard.

Ulmolf's replacement is a demigod by the name Elyssa. On the plus side, Elyssa is a good person, so maybe we can keep Gorbash on the straight and narrow for a while yet ...

In the warehouse where we found the necromancer last session, there was indeed a necromancer. She had a half-dead bloke tied to a wall and she was very pleased to see Booker.

Apparently it was all some sort of ritual to give Booker all the knowledge in order to fight what he needs to fight as the Chosen One, but we didn't really know this when we may or may not have conked her over the head and having her dying on us and completing the ritual.

A lot of people in town (whose HP were powering the spell) died in the process and because the spell sort of backfired because Booker was supposed to be the only one present in the building and not the entire party, Alistair let Gorbash and Jayson know they ended up with a soul each tied to them ...

Courtesy of Monday 16 November 2015's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“Ahh, Rifts - making us consider things we didn’t think we’d need to consider.”

“Well, you know, we can’t all be amazing.”

Player: “We see Booker running the other way.”
Booker: “Reasons!”

“Oh because the index is in the FRONT of the book, where it belongs. In opposite land.”

“Starting to make a character at the beginning of the session is pretty optimistic.”

Odin: “We need to have a talk.”
Ulmolf: “Allfather … desperate times and all that …”

GM (to Jayson): “Do you have Religion?”
Player: “Of course he has Religion! He has ALL the skills.”

GM: “We’re currently playing in year 106 PA.”
Player: “Personal assistant?”

“But he’s left, so what are you worrying about?”
“He might bring Ulmolf back!”

GM: “The Cyber-Knight is patching up a 6-year-old girl.”
Jayson: “PATCHING, not touching!”
Player: “No, you’re not Catholic.”

Alistair: “Booker! Someone’s chasing you!”
Booker: “Someone’s always chasing me! Be more specific!”

Player: “She can only cast a level six spell or lower. For reference, Agony is level seven.”
GM: “Damn you!”

Player: “Is this like Thor’s hammer hitting Captain America’s shield?”
GM: “Yeah.”
Elyssa: “Until I roll all ones.”

GM: “She has to die for the spell to work.”
Player: “Save the necromancer, save the world!”

“The woman looks weirdly at you when you say you murder people for a living.”

Player: “I can’t try to dispel it again until next round, I can’t teleport again until next round …”
GM: “And the GM needs to pee.”

“He’s not a musician, he’s a drummer.” (gets punched hard in the arm) “OWW!”
“So sorry not sorry.”

Alistair: “Booker has a fanclub.”
Gorbash & Jayson: “What?”

Booker: “Whose side am I supposed to be on?”

“What the fuck? What the actual monkey fuck?”

“If they had told us what they were planning to do, we might have been more reasonable about it.”

(In response to “You’re the Chosen One”)
Booker: “But chosen to do fucking WHAT?!”

“When the bad guys have a better plan than the good guys, you know you’re in trouble.”

Elyssa: “Just because he’s the Chosen One doesn’t mean he has to do it alone.”
Player: “Dumbledore should’ve said that to Harry Potter from the start. Fucking saviour complex.”

Booker: “Not Jesus, not Saviour, not Chosen One. BOOKER!”
Jayson: “Booker Christ. Got it.”

Jayson: “Read this. There’ll be a test later.” (hands Gorbash a print-out of the Code of Chivalry)

“When I run the next game on Mondays, mercy is not a word I’ll be using.”

GM (to Booker): “It only activates if people know what you are. Are you telling them?”
Player 1: “I’M THE CHOSEN ONE!”
Player 2: “Buddy Christ!”
Player 1: “No, Booker Christ.”

To be continued!