And now we learn that weird means friend

Last week's Star Wars session was cancelled due to illness, but fortunately, I kept a quote log of our recent Skype game, so here's that to tie you over until we're back in space.

In this session, the group went to Baldur's Gate and tried to flog some uncut gems, with the cunning use of haggling. Well, other stuff happened as well, such as saying hello to Fagin and his street urchins.

Courtesy of Saturday 27 February 2016's 5th Edition Dugeons & Dragons roleplaying session on Skype with Roll20.

Dungeons & Dragons

“It doesn't sound unreasonable, does it? Quests, tavern, D&D ...”

“Tossing a gnome? That's racist!”

“I'm concerned about the direction this conversation is going. I'm going to the tavern and I'm not tossing anyone on the way.”

“Call me cynical - it's the start of an adventure, something's obviously going to go wrong!”

GM: “Do you want to roll me Perception?”
Player: “This is where it's all going to shit.”

“That seems to have come through three times. Take the first roll, it's the best of the three.”

“Let's see that you get off safely.”
“You say that with such menace.”

“Have you met him before? Everyone else needs alcohol before.”

“I'm so traumatised I can't even remember the monster's name now.”

“Spontaneous Kobold combustion.”
“This is why he's not a hit with the ladies.”

“If Intimidation doesn't work, you can chop his hand off and set him on fire.”

GM: “The rest of the party stick out like sore thumbs.”
Player: “They're MY sore thumbs, though. - That makes me sound as if I have weird hands.”

“Bath house? No, thank you, I've had my annual bath in my lovely forest pond.”

“Two months is a long time to ask us not to stab the nasty evil cultists!”

“Vodka will be required, and I don't mean the dwarf...”

“Is that a necklace thing? It looks like a noose!”
“It's a choker; I'm from the '90s.”

Player: “Hello?”
Contact: “Is it me you're looking for?”

“This club was killed by an evil bugbear! Repeatedly!”

GM: “Are you getting nice drinks or cheap drinks?”
Player: “It's like you don't even know me.”

“I trust you.”
“All of us?! Really?!”
“I trust SOME of you.”
“No backsies!”

GM: “Ohhh. Okay ...”
Player: “Don't make that noise!”

“If you keep haggling I'm pretty sure you can get him to halve his offer. Believe in yourself!”

“Where would you get THAT from?”
“The GM?”

“And now we learn that weird means friend.”

Back to a galaxy far, far away next week! (We hope. Provided everyone's well enough again!)