We need manpower, morale and proton torpedoes!

Where to begin? We were trying to get to the core and disable it, seeing as how a messed up droid brain had decided it was going to self-destruct Cloud City and set fire to the Bespin atmosphere, and we didn't want that.

On the plus side, we succeeded.

On the other hand, Sarge lost his sight. Doc nearly died trying to fix him, and eventually fell down the core shaft. Nole started off getting trapped in a room (it had a REALLY BIG GUN in it, okay?) which then exploded, and shortly after being patched up from that he was gunned down by that bounty hunter from a few sessions ago.

But on the PLUS side, we saved Cloud City from a deranged droid brain, and we did all make it out of there alive and back onto the ship. Admittedly, the ship has seen better days, but it's back up and running. For now ...

Courtesy of Monday 14 March 2016's Fantasy Flight Star Wars roleplaying session at Chimera.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

“We know the cyber eyes are high quality because they were used by the Imperials.”

Episode I doesn’t exist. What you’re talking about is irrelevant.”

Player 1: “You’re not a man. You’re Swedish.”
Swede: (gasp)
Player 1: “You are BEYOND man.”
Player 2: “Good recovery.”

Kon: “Sarge losing his eyes was a minor setback compared to losing my plants.”

“By marketing campaign, you mean propaganda.”

GM: “Nole is half-naked.”
Kon: “I’m not looking.”
GM: “From modesty or disgust?”
Kon: “Probably both.”

Doc: “Nole, how do we take them out?”
Kon (sarcastically): “‘Guns and more guns’?”
Nole (very serious): “Kon’s right. Guns and more guns.”

Doc: “If we have a really high heat source on a stick …”
Sarge: “Put down my lightsabre.”

Kon: “I’m quite happy Nole’s expendable, and Sarge is safe.”
Nole: “Well, fuck you too!”

Player: “If it’s a Stormtrooper shooting at us, he won’t hit. We’re fine!”
GM: “It’s not a Stormtrooper.”
Player: “Aww.”

Doc: “My Perception’s not very good.”

GM: “You run over to Nole.”
Doc: “Second time in five fucking minutes!”

Sarge: “How fresh to my wounds look? But I don’t know because I can’t see!”

Nole: “Eat plasma … plastic people! – That sounded less epic than I meant it to be.”
Player: “To be fair, that’s fitting for Nole.”

“Are you Episode V-ing? Mook!”

“I believe the game just exploded in a puff of logic.”

GM: “You’re leading the troops.”
Nole: “I’m certainly not leading, they’re meatshielding me.”
Doc: “I’m glad you’re honouring my wishes.”

“We don’t need money, we need manpower, morale and proton torpedoes!”

“But where are we going to sell it? And when?”
“Is there a space eBay?”

GM: “Do you want to make an Astrogation roll?”
Player: “No.”
GM: “Okay, you stay on Bespin for the rest of your life.”

“Sarge needs our support, but most of all he’ll need …”

Tam: “If your cause is right and just, you don’t need to justify it.”

Sarge: “Hey, Doc, who turned off the lights?”
Doc: “Funny.”
Sarge: “I thought so.”

Kon: “We had no choice! Unless you wanted to carry the ship from one platform to the other.”
NG: “I would have tried to!”

“You said you fix it with his direction, but I heard ‘fix it with his erection’ and I was thinking ‘wow, that’s some good hydraulics’!”

“It depends.”
“On what? Physics of a different universe?!”

To be finished within the next couple of sessions?