Awesome spells are awesomely silly

This is pretty short, because we weren't roleplaying, we were basically just levelling up our Rifts characters in preparation for next week's session when the game starts, so we don't have to spend half the gaming session doing the levelling.

We meant to do that fairly quickly and then do some boardgaming, but it turned out most of the time was actually spent doing the levelling and then we didn't have enough time to boardgame "properly", so instead we got in a few rounds of Fluxx.

Courtesy of Monday 4 April 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Chimera.

“I don’t understand his character.”
“No, you mean you don’t understand HIM. No one does.”

(eating pizza from crust to tip)
“Arse crust eater? That sounds like you’re rimming a hobo.”

“These spells are silly! Awesome, but silly.”

“Splugorth has a good save through Booker.”
“Yeah, well, fuck Splugorth.”
“He did!”

“Demigod or a god-ish, same thing.”

“People say World of Darkness is unbalanced. It’s got NOTHING on Rifts!”

“We can choose not to kill people.”
“But where’s the fun in that?”

“It’s cool until you try to implement that plan.”

GM: “Are you guys killing each other?”
Player: “We’re just theorising.”

And as a couple of people went home, the remaining three played a few rounds of Firefly Fluxx:

“Oh no, didn’t win this time! Crap game!” (after having won 3 games and losing the 4th)

Actual game starting next week, woo!