What Would Booker Do?

In this final session of Rifts (for now), a dragon showed up (it was dispatched), and we nuked Nxla a bit. And then bravely ran away through the portal without the big bad monster following us - saving all the people. We rock!

Courtesy of Monday 23 May 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“He’s the angel of mercy.”
“No, angel of death.”
“Mercy is a kind of death.”

“I hate to do this again, but must we debate EVERYTHING?”

“Let’s call them for what they are: doomed souls.”

“You’re not fast enough.”
“No, but I’m THOROUGH.”

“Do you want to keep talking about things you don’t know?”

Alistair: “Before I met you guys I was known as an armchair wizard.”
Gorbash: “You made armchairs? Is that like being a runesmith?”
Alistair: “No, Gorbash.”

GM: “Not that the GM would ever set you up.”

“My character’s becoming more of a dick than I’m capable of being.”

“If you attach a fusion block to the javelin, will it come back when the javelin does?”

“If you can split the party, fracture it.”

“For the record: this is a bad idea. On a scale from one to Booker, it’s Booker.”

“What would Booker do? Don’t do that.”

“You owe me a dead dragon to kill!”
“You know what I mean!”

“Gorbash has been learning from all of us, why would he do something sensible?”


“I have a new priority. I go down to the group.”
“He’s gonna kill everyone!”

“Your powers are weak.”
“You’re still going to die.”

(to GM) “Why are you getting my armour scratched when the other people can die first?”

“No one rolls as many ones as I do! It’s called my speciality.”

“This was my plan, though. To nuke Nxla. With HIM!”

GM: “I’m going to be slightly lazy, which works to your advantage, I think.”

“What are we throwing at him?”

“Might not have done much, but we nuked Nxla.”

“You can teach me the spell and that’s more important.”

“Save versus Fear, if you fail you run faster? Sounds an alright tactic to me.”

“Why do you keep attacking me?”
“I’m bored.”

“Dodge! Just dodge! You can dodge, right?”

And that's all from Rifts - for now. Next, we've moved on to Legend of the Five Rings.