You make Samurai sound like dicks

So things went a bit hectic with opening a café and stuff, but here are - finally - some quotes from the most recent game we've played - Legend of the Five Rings. I was barely conscious during these sessions, which is why three of them are combined into one here, as not a lot of stuff was noted down at the time.

Courtesy of Monday 6/13/20 June 2016's Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“We look down on those southerners in Scotland.”
“Ooooh, they won’t like that.”

“So in this game YOU’RE the Chosen One.”
“Yeah … YOU can be the Chosen One, bitch!”

GM: “You’re WET and MISERABLE.”
Player: “Must be Friday.”

“I’m British, my natural disposition is sarcastic.”

GM: “Can you make me an Investigate roll? ‘Cause you’re a bit of a scumbag.”

GM: “You have a perfunctory idea of how much blood is in a person. You’ve stabbed a lot of people.”

“You make Samurai sound like dicks.”
“They ARE dicks!”

GM: “You’ve just filled up his first rudewank. Rudewank?! I’m keeping it.”

“Hey, I made the hole he shot his arrow into!”

“That’s the right way of doing it. I’m doing it in a weird way … because I’m weird.”

Player 1: “The archer fired once?”
GM: “Twice.”
Player 2 (singing): “Three tiiiimes a laaaady!”

“Is there any form of re-rolls in this game?”
“Yes. Rolling next time.”

GM: “Roll me Theology.”
Player (chanting): “Botch! Botch! Botch! Botch!”

“I need to be closer so I can hear the insults so I know how to do them!”

GM: “You’re compromising the plot by offering me money and Force dice!”

“In the same way as a fungus that grows on you is a part of you.”

“She’s MY Scorpion! She’s pretty and I found her first!”

“They’re the Boltons of Rokugan.”
“What, like Michael Bolton?”

“You can thank me later for saving your ass.”
“He’s an Akodo, he’ll save his own ass.”

And whaddaya know, there'll be another post like this next Sunday! :o