Thank god we're not actual Russians

When the modern characters met the Russian bear, he started telling a story, which landed us in 1960s Soviet Russia - and our second set of characters ... Cue exaggerated and wildly inaccurate Russian accents!

Courtesy of Sunday 10 July 2016's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“I have no self-control. That’s why we have a child.”

“You’re stacking the excuses before even telling the story …”

“Fuck the internet. Fuck it in its modem.”

GM: “Can I have Initiatives from everyone so I can organise lives?”

“Go forward at peril!”
“Peril is another one of my favourite things!”

Player 1: “See? I’m not running!”
Player 2: “Yet.”
Player 3: “Yet.”
GM: “Yet.”
Player 4: “Yet.”
Player 1: “Yet.”

“For this scene, and this scene only, his character will be played by The Rock.”

“You are the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” (teddybear with rocket launchers)

“And out of nowhere, the great Appletiser plinth appears!” (puts can on map)

“You really hope it’s Maui or something.”
“Tahiti. It’s a magical place. Next level meta.”

GM: “A bear with rocket launchers lands next to you.”
Ursa Minor: “Oh captain, my captain!”
Player: “Ohhhh nooooo.”

“If every day is casually racist day, then no day is.”

“Thank god we’re not actual Russians.”

GM: “If you’re imagining professor Xavier, you’re not imagining Mr Burns enough.”

“This campaign is daaaark. I love it!”

More next week!