Sit down, shut up and roll initiative

Trying to get out of Coalition State ... Going so-so. Especially since we're also trying to save some people along the way. Oh, if only we were the bad guys, we wouldn't have tobe all helpful and stuff!

Courtesy of Monday 10 October 2016's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

“Sit down, shut up and roll initiative.”

“Have you been eaten by a truck before?”

“I miss being the ridiculous one.”

“It’s the same thing as driving a motorcycle and driving a house.”


GM: “The only one who has Automatic Dodge is the cheater over there.”
Donna: (mouths “WTF?!”)
GM: “Because you’re so fast.”
Table: (realises GM said “cheetah”, not “cheater”)

Elyssia: “I don’t think I can hit you without turning you into human jam, so I’m gonna put you down. I suggest you retire, find a nice Coalition girl and raise some brainwashed children …”

GM: “The best way of removing a rail gun from power armour is not usually by combat.”

“Hehe. He thinks Booker has friends.”

“They know your face.”
“I was wearing a mask.”
“That’s a mask of YOUR OWN FACE, you egotistical bastard!”

“I gave specific instructions not to screw up.”

“Where the fuck did you get 88% from?! Your stats are shit!”

To be continued!