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You're very pretty for an orc

Feeding Kanye West to an undead T-Rex

What does the desert fox say?

I spent all my dice on revolutions

I love being a crazy god!

Is it bestiality if you're a metamorph?

We're middle management with magnet armour

Cool! We're Switzerland!

I really hope you're kill-stealing

Are you trying to abuse your powers?

ACME miracle maps of Gibraltar!

I love it when a plan falls apart

Yer a druid, Harry

We're in the Shadow Realm of attack carpets!

I've seen this trap before!

The Dog-boy is a go(o)d-boy

It's always winter in Alaska

In Soviet Russia 'flubber' is a verb

Can the NPC fly a SAMAS?

The only one with a Driving skill is the NPC

Gorgons are the Spanish Inquisition

This game is too unrealistic!

The GM thinks this is a wonderful plan

Revenge is best served with fusion blocks

Axe, not ass - makes more sense now

He wasn't dying a moment ago

Call me salty, but ...

Falling for the plot device

Do Doomsayers glow in the dark?

Can I still be a grumpy racist?

We're a bleak bunch of bastards

You do crit damage on a fumble if you crit on the damage roll

The enemy of my enemy is my enemy

This is the strangest GM-ing I've ever done

Isis Isis baby

Human culture is weird

You know there's such a thing as dice rolling apps, right?

Help, I'm in a cage with a creepy paedo!

Not all sayings work in Soviet Russia

Why is there not a Save vs Dumbass?

He can thank me later

Can I roll sense motive on the fruit?

Damn dice behaving like dice!

The GM's a pain in the ass

I'm glad we're both stupidly heroic

Averaging our way through the apocalypse

Headbutting the axe by accident

A great game to get to know new people