A great game to get to know new people

We were meant to have the (potentially) final session of Legend of the Five Rings this time, but two character sheets were missing, some friends from Sweden were over for a quick visit, and when the GM had phoned one of his flatmates to bring him a book he had forgotten at home we decided to scrap the session in favour of Our Favourite Card Game. Everyone could join!

Of course, mutterings of a "Swedish conspiracy" were abound, yet in the end there was no outright winner, as four people had the same amount of wins, and those people were not all Swedish. So much for that conspiracy, eh? ;)

Courtesy of Monday 8 August 2016's Legend of the Five Rings Cards Against Humanity session at Odin's Table.

“I can be nice foreign.”
“I’ve known you for six years. WHEN have you been nice?”

“In Britain we grow idiots. We’re just not proud of it.”

“So, are we blowing off the session to play Cards Against Humanity?”

Cards Against Humanity is a great game to get to know new people.”

“Butthurt wouldn’t melt in his mouth.”

“Space Gandalf? But that makes me Space Frodo!”

“We have a similar term in Swedish.”
“We do?”

“What’s wrong with you people?!”

“‘Unquestioning obedience’. I like it.”
“Of course you do, you kinky fuck.”

“I should’ve dumped on these cards.”
“Please don’t take a dump on the cards, they have to be used again.”

“It brings the tone down when you explain the card …”

“Nipple blades on airplanes? Is that a common thing in Britain?”

Happy New Year!