Averaging our way through the apocalypse

It's a new year and new zombies to kill!

We went aboard a riverboat, which we meant to blow up (because zombies) but the evening was young and so we decided to check it out first. There were zombies, but there were also a number of perfectly innocent slaves that the zombies hadn't yet eaten, so we freed them.

It was the best day ever.

Courtesy of Monday 9 January 2017's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

“If you don’t think the bridge will work for you--”
“You could always watch the British re-make, The Tunnel.”

“I thought I’d wait ‘til I have ten XP and then get better at murdering.”

“We’re not standing still for three minute to arm the bloody things!”

(on dynamite) “‘Not used for combat’ my arse!”

“I’m playing the most average man who has ever averaged his way through the apocalypse.”

“If they didn’t know we were here, they do now.”
“But you Mindblasted them?”
“Yes, silently!”

“I can stage whisper 20 metres.”
“I’m sorry to break it to you, but your stage whisper isn’t really a whisper.”

“This bloater has a nice bouquet.”

“This is the nicest room on the boat.”
“Nice for whom? Twelve floaters hungry for flesh?”

“While I appreciate the gesture and agree with it ...”
“He says with his fingers crossed behind his back.”

“Who wants knobs anyway?”
“People known as those very things?”

Player: “He’s a practical man.”
GM: “Well, he WAS.”

“I’ll have the Bounty.”
“I prefer Snickers.”
“Alright, I’ll have yours then!”

Player: “I’m trying to think of a country where bestiality isn’t illegal.”
Both Swedes: “Sweden.”
Swede: “Equal opportunities.”

To be continued!