Help, I'm in a cage with a creepy paedo!

We did actually have a session last Monday, but it was just the three of us playing a couple of boardgames, so I gave the quote book a night off. Therefore:

Stuck at a creepy carnival, our heroes found themselves being asked to play various parts in some kind of Alice in Wonderland story. It was pretty weird.

It got weirder.

People were killed, libraries exploded, robots were fixed, journals obtained, and ... yeah. Zombie magicians. Sloth being a walrus. Alice stuck in a cage. Pretty darn weird.

And we still haven't found the school.

Courtesy of Sunday 11 September 2016's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“I wish you’d stop playing music from 2008. It upsets me.”
“Does it make you feel old?”

“I will remind you that there aren’t enough characters here for you to back-stab.”

GM: “The hand grows exponentially and sort of throttles you.”
Player: “Oh, good.”

“So you’re a demon?”
“Yes, I’m a contract demon.”
“Hence the contract.”

“What does it pay and what are the perks? Is there dental?”

“Could you at least wear white?”
“Not after Labor Day.”

Alice: “Where am I? Who are you?! Help, I’m in a cage with a creepy paedo!”

GM: “You appear to be adept at grappling tiny people.”

GM: “The library explodes.”
Librarian: “Not another one!”

“I’ll hero point the Fortitude save.”
“Because you want to live?”
“No, because I want to drink.”

Player 1: “Why am I naked?”
Player 2: “You burned all your clothes off.”
GM: “You still have your pants on.”
Player 1: “Oh yeah, superheroes.”

GM: “He’s a time-travelling robot stoner. He normally shows up when I think it’s funny.”

To be continued!