You know there's such a thing as dice rolling apps, right?

We continued fighting the Nxla cultists who so rudely interrupted us when we went to visit their neighbours.

Oh well, they're not standing anymore, that's for sure.

We then decided it was high time to get out of that town ... because even though we've paid for our citizenship, they will probably still frown on mass murdering ...

Courtesy of Monday 13 March 2017's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

Player: “You know the Rifts index …”
GM: “Volume one or volume two?”

“When it was just 30 dice, it was okay, but at 40 I just can’t be bothered.”

“You’re a god, you don’t count.”

“Is the techno-wizard aiming at someone’s dick?”
“Yeah, but he’s OUR dick.”

“The guy who cast Carpet of Adhesion, he’s getting a spear thrown at his head. (rolls) Crit!”
“Yeah. Fuck carpets.”

“Come on, roll a one!”
(rolls) “11.”
“Well, that’s two ones.”

GM: “Oh yeah, I forgot you, ‘cause you’re last.”

“They’re still standing.”
“Better than they ever were? Feeling like true survivors?”

“That’s THREE ones!”

“Come on, don’t roll a one.”
(rolls) “Two.”

Player: “Is there a hotel in Soul Harvest he can recommend?”
GM: “He mentions the name of a hotel. It’s in Stormspire.”

GM: “Where are you going?”
Player: “The opposite direction of the Brodkill.”

“It was kicking off, so we got out of there.”
“It was kicking off, so we killed them with fusion blocks like we always do.”

“I miss the necromancers.”
“I’m not talking to you anymore.”

“I just antagonise people, he gets insulted!”

To be continued!