Call me salty, but ...

Our Deadlands session was two hours shorter than usual, and we didn't do a whole lot, so there wasn't much written down.

However, we also have a boardgaming session saved up for times like these.

Courtesy of Monday 22 May 2017's Deadlands: Hell on Earth session at Odin's Table.

“Morality is a line. A line the players never meet.”

“Morality is a line Booker straddles ... between his legs.”

“The reason I couldn’t find the Hell on Earth books at home was because they’d been put away in the book case where they should be.”
“Oh, I hate when that happens!”

“How about I note down who I’m sleeping with?”

Jack: “What do you guys think I am? Some gun-toting cowboy?”
(simultaneously) Maggie: “Yes?” / Vince: “Do I really need to answer that?”

“For your information, Booker – Jack, I mean. Sorry, that wasn’t deliberate.”

We played a boardgame using the new expansion we picked up from Chimera, and as luck would have it - everyone (except one) turned out to be the traitor. Surprise! The even bigger surprise was that we did a good amount of damage to said non-traitor by throwing salt at him. He turned very salty indeed ... ;)

Aaaand Monday 17 October 2016's Betrayal at House on the Hill boardgame session:

“The benefit is we have one more explorer to move around.”
“But it might be the traitor.”

“I’m filling in for [absent player] this evening, with the racism and now the sexism.”

“First fist-bump of the evening.”

“Fleshlight walls …?”

“You didn’t draw another Omen card, did you? You know they’re not good, right?”

“I’m not gonna challenge the Dead Sea with my levels of saltiness!”

“Blimey! One, two, three, four, five, many dice.”

“Three. Three isn’t four.”

“Hypothetically speaking … when he becomes the traitor, I can steal his dagger.”

“So you win the tie.”

“It’s fun if you play fair. Call me salty, but …”

“You can’t say it’s vetting when you let bullshit through!”

See you next week!