Axe, not ass - makes more sense now

After putting Deadlands: Hell on Earth on pause for a bit, we've instead arrived back at the Blackstone Juggernauts. Booker informed the crew that our friend and boss John has in fact been replaced by someone and we should look into that. Gorbash went to talk to Ixchal and give her that white rose petal - she was suitably impressed - and Jayson went for a booty call at Maria's.

Apparently there's a big bounty on all of our heads - except for Donna's, which Booker found incredibly suspicious.

Then a Rakshasa called Sister Anna wanted to meet us at a diner that did very nice burgers and milkshakes. She wanted some stuff back. And then there was an ominous ringing sound coming from Booker's coat ...

Courtesy of Monday 5 June 2017's Rifts roleplaying session at Odin's Table.

GM: “Which Perception skill would you like to use?”
Player 1: “I haven’t used my big list of skills for a while, I’ll need to look it up.”
Player 2: “You have a list of skills, Jayson has a book.”

Player: “Stock up on fusion blocks!”
GM: “They’re not weapons says the GM!”

Player: “He’s a nice guy.”
GM: “No, he isn’t!”

Gorbash: “I’m a few million, Jayson’s a few million, you’re about double, Donna’s not to be touched.”
Booker: “... What?!”

“I like this new Gorbash. He can stay.”

GM: “None of them are exactly innocent, but you can’t be in a gang and not crack a few eggs.”

(outside a diner) “Detect Ambush.” (rolls 99) “I’m really hungry. Ooh, those burgers look good. They have milkshakes!”

GM: “I like how you think Interrogation Technique is a social skill.”

Sister Anna: “Who killed my brother?”
Booker: “I like to think it was a group effort ...”

Booker: “I thought your brother had a really nice axe.”
Sister Anna: “Yes, I thought so too.”
Player (puzzled silence, then): “... Oh, you said AXE!”

To be continued!