We're in the Shadow Realm of attack carpets!

Soooooo ... We've started playing Godbound, but I need to make a copypaste post and grab a logo and stuff, and since we're having the bank holiday Monday off, we're gonna need a filler anyway, so let's do that this week and start on the new stuff next week instead.

Victorian characters in their last outing for this adventure - gasp!

Courtesy of Sunday 9 April 2017's Mutants & Masterminds adventure at Odin's Table.

“If there are things to be remembered by there are better things than genocide.”

“Please sedate this child.”
“You decided to feed it chocolate buttons.”

GM: “He was so incensed he didn’t see it was raining eels.”

“Can I have a die?”
“No, you can die.”
“That escalated quickly.”

GM: “You’re all very well-informed people.”
Player: “It’s almost like we’re investigators for the crown!”

“‘We’re definitely not doing necromancy’, is that what we’re telling the undertaker?”

“A crime fighter only targeting black people is called a policeman.”

“Go with it, man, it’s good for the story.”

NPC: “Next train in is the Golden Apple. Next train out is this one there.”
Victoria the automaton: “The Silver Pear.”
Player: “We need to tone down your humour setting.”

“I’m going to go full Yu-Gi-Oh and go full Shadow Realm on him.”

“It’s all gone a bit Doctor Strange.”

“We’re in the Shadow Realm of attack carpets!”

GM: “As much as I appreciate it, we’re on a clock.”
Player: “We’re on a clock, not on a cock.”

“You’re really going all out with this.”
“Yeah. Yeah, I am.”

“Don’t throw dice in the bin! You rolled a one after you did that as well.”

To be continued!