Are you trying to abuse your powers?

Forgot to post this last Sunday, because we have been busy playing what is effectively Godbound the computer game - Divinity: Original Sin 2. We didn't have a roleplaying session this week, but it was time to post this, on the other hand.

We continued to work on the town. There was a visit to a nearby farming community to talk to the people there about how Tilverton had been liberated and they could now go home. Then a visit to that person's sister was paid, and reiterated that Tilverton was free and it was time for re-building rather than invading, and so on.

Then we all met up again and went into the cave system underneath Tilverton in order to find some people who had gone missing down there. There were bone golems, but luckily we had brought meat shields.

Courtesy of Monday 18 September 2017's Godbound session.

Godbound logo

“If someone comes and attacks with an airship, it’s mine.”

“Unless they upset you, at which point—”
“They die.”

“I didn’t call him that. Yet.”

“I don’t even need to lie, why did I take this power?”

“Together we can make Tilverton—”
“Great again.”

“Sitting in a circle, singing Kumbaya or whatever you do as a follower of Tempus.”

Player: “Do they huff and puff like steam is coming out of them?”
GM: “No.”
Player: “Aww, no steampunk?”

“Like the Iron Throne but made with beer mugs.”

“Are you trying to abuse your powers?”

“We defeated a great evil, surely you should be fine with a bit of breathing.”

“Let me know if it passes midnight. It’s always midnight somewhere.”

Player: “Can I change my dice?”
GM: “You can always change your dice.”
Player: “On this roll?”

“You’re the new dice. Welcome to the team.”

“Recycling! You’re up for this!”

“We’ve already met Captain Douchebag.”
“No, that was Lieutenant Douchebag.”

“I got confused because you said ‘friend’.”

GM: “Don’t worry. When you level up, almost nothing changes.”

To be continued!