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This is a really bad idea

To Uncle Bulgaria's lair!

Roll Save vs being afraid of the dark!

Spiders and reapers and fairies, oh my!

The GM is laughing AT us, not WITH us

It's fun to heal at the OMHQ!

THAT'S how you kill someone!

Stop rolling 20! This isn’t D&D!

We beat the plot

Can I have your autograph?

Was that a racist grumble?

Can we just call it Kill Bill-ing?

Two Thieves and What Am I Doing Here?

Don't walk off alone, especially to the toilet

This is going to be a long trip

Using evil to do good

Pretty Princess Dress-up Orc

We parasited the parasite god

Cutting off the GM like a right son of a lich

We all live in a city submarine

An adventuring party? Here? With OUR dice rolls?


Jeremy Corbyn sends a Tesla into space

Sneezing fire majestically

Why do our plans keep succeeding?

We're not here to assassinate the guy from The Fast Show

Party signature move: shooting corners off buildings

Ranger danger!

I don't read the script, the script reads me

YOU get a girlfriend, YOU get a girlfriend, EVERYONE gets a girlfriend!


Everyone in the countryside is nuts

Why are we in a field and who are you?

Aslan was my direbadger form

You deserve a shotgun refund

Ohh, THAT apocalypse