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Stop rolling 20! This isn’t D&D!

We beat the plot

Can I have your autograph?

Was that a racist grumble?

Can we just call it Kill Bill-ing?

Two Thieves and What Am I Doing Here?

Don't walk off alone, especially to the toilet

This is going to be a long trip

Using evil to do good

Pretty Princess Dress-up Orc

We parasited the parasite god

Cutting off the GM like a right son of a lich

We all live in a city submarine

An adventuring party? Here? With OUR dice rolls?


Jeremy Corbyn sends a Tesla into space

Sneezing fire majestically

Why do our plans keep succeeding?

We're not here to assassinate the guy from The Fast Show

Party signature move: shooting corners off buildings

Ranger danger!

I don't read the script, the script reads me

YOU get a girlfriend, YOU get a girlfriend, EVERYONE gets a girlfriend!


Everyone in the countryside is nuts

Why are we in a field and who are you?

Aslan was my direbadger form

You deserve a shotgun refund

Ohh, THAT apocalypse