Ranger danger!

We went further into the Xiticix territory, there was an attack. Booker tried to "save" some people. They died. On the plus side, so did the gang of baddies that were stalking us previously, so it all worked out.

We also found a camp with a nexus point. Maybe we'll attack it next week.

Gorbash went to Psyscape to chat with The Dude, but the place left him rather unimpressed ...

Courtesy of Monday 12 March 2018's Rifts roleplaying session.

“Damn, that’s polite, sir! When did you become British?”

Player (to GM): “You are pulling out the Coalition book! Stop pulling out the Coalition book! Put it away! I did not expect the Coalition book.”

GM: “It’s Coalition State rangers.”
Player: “Ranger danger!”

“Hello, slippery slope! Nice to see you again!”

“Just because there’s a mountain goat by the side of the road doesn’t mean you can walk it.”

“You take a massive 3 MDC damage.”
“Oh no, don’t die.”

Player: “I rolled a 2.”
GM: “It’s not a hit. You have +19 to parry! Do you know how hard you are to hit?!”
Player: “I think I like being a Cyber-knight.”

“What village are you the murderer of?”

GM: “He knows you as the murderer of the town you’re a murderer of.”

GM: “That was Jayson trying his best to look cool and not doing a good job of it.”

(how Gorbash could teleport when carrying another person)
“Toss him really hard, teleport, toss him again …”

Booker: “When did he get to pass judgement?!”
Gorbash: “All the time! It’s his job!”
Jayson: “Literally! I’m a Cyber-knight!”

Booker: “I’m not killing them.”
Jayson: “Because you’re now the GOOD guy.”
Booker: “The better guy. ‘The good guy’ is a bit much. The okay guy.”

“I’m not feeling confident about this plan.”

GM: “Hecate is probably more grown up than the GM playing her.”

To be continued!