Obituary: Gunney Gunderson

Abel "Gunney" Gunderson
† 6 October 1888

It is with great sadness I have to report the death of Abel “Gunney” Gunderson. Since we first started travelling together, we have always found this old gunslinger to be a great companion and friend. While his pace might not have been what it once was – nor was his eyesight … or his aim – he always did his very best to save his friends, and we will always be grateful for his sacrifice.

Friendly with the Sioux, and on occasion quicker at rolling downhill rather than walking, Gunney always had a smile for us and a sunny disposition deep down. After a long life of hardship, the legacy he leaves behind is that of one of the sharpest shooters in the west. He would always know what to do in dangerous situations, and served as an inspiration to us all.

Thank you, Gunney, and good bye. I hope Heaven will receive you with open arms, because you have undoubtedly done much to deserve a happy afterlife. You lived a long life. Now you can finally rest those tired legs and dream of hairy Cajuns.

-- Mary Murphy