Blame it on the fiancée

We were essentially mostly fighting in these sessions. First of all we went to a tannery, and after some long stairs there was bad magic surrounding good magic and an abomination clinging to the ceiling. There was a hole in the floor.

We later had to go interrupt a ritual in the big hole in the ground, among the subterranean crystals ... and fought some more stuff. Cultists and abominations, oh myyy!

We're pretty good at fighting. No one's died yet. Touch wood. We also had to lug an ox head out of there and reunite it with its body? Or we returned it to there. Something like that. It was months ago now. 😆

When a Malkavian says someone's crazy ...

Lottie and Julius discuss theories with Aisling. Lottie removes Aisling's anxiety, because right now, there's a fuckload to be anxious about and she needs a clear head. Is the Prince trying to do something without the Primogen council knowing? Might it involve tunnelling under Central Park? No wonder the werewolves might be a bit miffed. Can we talk to the werewolves?

They also do need to speak to the Prince, but going in there with all their memories isn't a good plan. They need to somehow temporarily remove or edit a number of memories just in case. Fortunately, they have a Tremere at hand who knows just what to do.

Frankie's history lesson from Theo continues, and they also discuss hunting grounds and territory and so on. He also finds out about Hunters and Mages, and that there also seem to be Faeries and Ghosts. All this because he asked if there were other things beside vampires and werewolves he should know about. It's also suggested that if he comes face to face with Ekaterina, he should do nothing except to leg it.

Just prepare the loot list for next week

We go on adventures with a mare cat! There's a village in the forest. Will they sell us a chicken? Elindra ends up giving them one of her daggers in return. One of the villagers has a symbol for the Punisher god? But he's forbidden - on pain of death! - to worship? The village is a bit whack. Giant trees, giant bears outside the village ... and a sleeping lindworm?! We tactically retreat.

A Mother Marsh says someone needs to owe her a favour if she's to guide the part across the marsh, unless we want her grumpy. Elindra does this, thinking she can do some convince-a-roo with the help of Xanatha later. We manage to safely cross the swamp.

The 6-year-old boy we met earlier shows up, and wants Murmei to eat some sort of nut to show he's not evil. Murmei eventually eats the nut, because he's not evil, FFS.

We were attacked by things we should've run away from.

There's an axe. There's a grove. There's an old elf? We eventually go to a cultist building and kill cultists. My notes vary greatly in their, ahem, detail. *cough*

Elder vampire uses a telephone for the first time

Waking up, and after having breakfast in bed, Lottie makes a round of phone calls. Val didn't have any strange dreams, but he'll go Auspex Frankie to see if he's now glowing gold too. Frankie recounts the Greek creation myth to Julius over the phone (the Elder vampire's first ever phone call! We're so proud of him!), and it seems both Tartarus and Eros were missing. Seb reports more innocent shop keepers have been arrested.

Frankie also makes a phone call - Benny reports the cane is still on schedule and Angela was pleased about the flower delivery. Val shows up, confirms Frankie has a bright golden aura, and drops him off in Red Hook before heading off to speak to his cop contacts. In Coffey Park, Theo gives Frankie a history lesson. Frankie points out that the Sabbat attack is being led by Ekaterina, which makes Theo realise things are perhaps slightly higher priority than he previously thought - insert facepalm here.

Lottie and Julius go to a secret lab in Queens and meet up with Aisling the Tremere. She recoils having seen Jeanine's thin blood, especially as she finds out where it's from. She does a few experiments on it, and says it's similar to the thaumaturgic Path of Blood, but somehow inverted? It's like Entropy of the Blood, "Chaos undoing Creation", an Unravelling of the Generation. They also discover that it isn't a directed spell, or whatever, meaning it might have been directed at someone else and then spreading up the generation line. It spreads from Childe to Sire? Frankie is absolutely fine, but the Prince got a hold of Jeanine's other Childe - Maslowe. Coincidence?

Perhaps they do actually need to tell Aisling everything that's been going on, so Julius tells her everything. She may or may not thank him for this later.

Eat the Book Lady, even if she looks gristly!

The party loot the corpses of the people foolish enough to try and murder them last week before deciding they should probably start heading back.

Murmei, meanwhile, discovers that the owner of the Silent House (my notes for this session are really thorough, the previous sessions are scant at best, so don't look at me) lives in Ravenia. That's the same kind of area where his family's lands are.

He then decides to look and see if he can find any information about his beloved's family. Turns out one of them live in Thistlehold, and the place where we went in a previous session and saw monogrammed chairs had one that matches this person: RG. Do we really need further evidence that the Garlaka family are shady as fuck, though?

Seeing as how no one's come to pick him up, he's eventually thrown out of the Queen's Legate when they have to close for the night. Elsiosi intercepts him on the way home, and wonders what he's doing out alone late at night on dangerous streets. He pointed out he's a skilled adventurer, whereas she is a lady and should definitely not be out alone at night, so he escorts her back to her inn. Instead of coming upstairs for a drink, he bid her a good evening and stomped off back home to sleep.

In the night, the rest of the party return. In the morning, it turns out that the copper tablet contains the Prophecy of Sarkomal. Something about a woman on a throne. No one can make heads nor tails of this.

We go to look at Anadea the Templar's house, now that I believe she's no longer alive. There's a malnourished young mare cat in the box. Deadorna feeds it and decides to make it a pet while the others search the rest of the room.

There's a mysterious note and a map of what appears to be some kind of underground system. There's a sedative potion and some kind of reddish truffle-looking thing, but it's far too rare and advanced for Alchemy Novice Elindra to be able to identify.

Your only choice is to be happy

This session was mainly taking place in weird ass dream space. Lottie woke up in a sea of Julius's blood, and then Julius's arms lift her out of it. She calls for him, he actually manages to enter her dream and join her. They see the pyramid rising from the blood. Julius looks up, his eyes get burned away as he looks at three ancient beings hovering in the air, and "there's always been three".

They need to find Frankie and try to reach him - but get no reply. Drinking from the sea of blood, Julius's eyes are restored ... but they're now looking exactly like Lottie's. There's mysticism afoot - something is unravelling and Creation is trying to catch up with itself. It's related to Jeanine's blood situation and Frankie is important ... somehow. They also get a sense that it's important to watch Creation to its completion.

Frankie, meanwhile, gets interrogated by the primordial goddess Gaia, who gets a bit frosty when finding out that he's a vampire, but looking into his soul makes her a bit friendlier. He's a man, despite also being a moving corpse, that's why he matters, apparently. When saying he shouldn't allow the Beast to become all that he is, he asks if there's a way to get rid of it. Well, no, but she has a few pointers for what he might want to consider to get as close to that as he can.

He does hear Julius calling for him, but dismisses it as a weird dream thing and doesn't respond, as he's busy witnessing the Greek primordial myth and was told to watch it closely. It appears that Tartarus and possibly Eros were missing from this?

The trio all wake up with bright golden auras - and Julius now has golden eyes, just like Lottie.

It appears we are the Chosen Ones.

And remember, kids, the GM wants you to fumble!

We battled people in a corridor. It wasn't great for them. It wasn't great for us either, in fairness, Valgai got badly injured, but he lived and most of the people on the other side didn't.

Next session, the party left Murmei (and Knightlight) at the Queen's Legate to look at books to find out more information about house ownership, and so on, while they went to search through some houses. They get into a massive fight, because of course they did, and Deadorna for a long while was the only one really damaging them. Lucky for us, the party survived. The people (Templars?) attacking them didn't. Don't mess with motivated adventurers, FFS. Will NPCs never learn?

This got spicy real fast

Lottie and Frankie continue their discussion about what happened while they split the party. Lottie then explains to Angela why Frankie can't take her out on a date, and her reaction leads the players to surmise that a certain crush might actually be reciprocated. She also gives strict orders about which Kindred are allowed inside the house, i.e. definitely not Charlotte.

In this week's "ghouls acting kinda weird": Angela gives Frankie's neck a funny look.

The Commissioner of Plants and Buildings in Brooklyn is apparently excited about the Brooklyn Bridge building works, which are taking place during daylight hours and begun the same day that the three cousins were Embraced.

Frankie meets Val to discuss plans, how Val needs to talk to his police contacts to find out everything he can about the hits on Red Hook. This turned into a more personal conversation between the two cousins, where Val finds their new lifestyle to suit him very well, but he notes that Frankie might never get used to it - as highlighted by Val, who had brought them a couple of women to snack on, was busy sweet-talking his before biting, whereas Frankie apologised to his.

Val, it turns out, is worried about the situation between Lottie and Charlotte. That the air gets frosty when Charlotte is mentioned around Lottie is one thing, but it also seems to be happening the other way around ... However, if it comes down to it, he's on his cousins' side. He also kindly offered to stake Jeanine for Frankie. So thoughtful!

Meanwhile, because of the lack of a phone in the Manhattan residence, Julius says he's getting a new place, which will have a telephone. He's confident he can get that house tonight ... because he wasn't planning on paying for it. The family living there are mindwhammied into submission, will be great at answering the phone and taking messages and acting as snacks. Plus, he's just given Lottie a family, which she's never truly had. It's incredibly romantic - and sexy. They can totally take time out for a bit of bedroom fun, despite previously telling a certain cousin that there's absolutely no time for anything other than business right now.

Left brooding after Val's heart-to-heart, Frankie asks Benny to arrange a flower delivery for Angela. In a further doubling down on his humanity, backed up by dice, instead of driving to Theo, he thinks about happy childhood memories and somehow ends up outside Golconda Park. All sounds and all lights around him fade out, spooking him and making him return to the car, handing a passing drunk some spare change in the process.

So in a strange turn of events, Val might actually become a sort of bridge between two cousins who are clearly heading in opposite directions on the morality scale.


Are we SURE we're the good guys?

We had a look at the records over at the Queen's Legate to see which (read: whose) houses went down the hole, in case that has some significance. The archivist there seems to have the hots for Valgai.

When going to speak with a Father Servola, people threw lanterns at us, and we ended up in a fight with some cultists? They weren't being very nice to us, at any rate.

Then some kind of "special" (in a Chosen One kind of sense) 6-year-old child proclaims Murmei is evil. This is a surprise to everyone, because being a bit of an idiot? Sure. Evil? Umm ...? Valgai's Witch Sight confirms this - the belt makes it look like Murmei's some kind of corrupt, evil thing. Perhaps it's a good idea to un-bind himself from that belt at the nearest opportunity?

Maybe you should consider a Path?

In Staten Island, Adelaide says she Sees spiders all over Jeanine, digging into her and eating her regret. (WHY IS DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SPIDERS?!) Lottie "convinces" Jeanine to put some of her blood into a thermos flask. Looking at the thin blood in the flask, Adelaide freaks out, saying it's "cold, so cold". She doesn't mean temperature-wise.

After Jeanine puts the lid on the flask, it's put into some oven gloves for an extra layer of protection. Lottie and Julius strategise what to do with Jeanine, and they decide to leave her there for now, and make their way back to Brooklyn. She asks him about his first Childe, who appears to be missing, presumed dead, after angering some werewolves.

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, Frankie and Benny are thinking ahead. If you're in a Prohibition setting, your character is a bootlegger, his ghoul is a bartender in a speakeasy, you and your cousins are planning to open a blood donation clinic, and the house rules say you can mix alcohol with blood to make it fine to drink, it would be rude not to combine these factors, right? If one was to find out which types of blood goes best with which types of alcohol, there's a whole new market to tap into right there.

In the end, the two cousins finally meet up again, at "Angela's", where Frankie was considering heading anyway, after a brief phone conversation. Frankie starts telling his cousin and her Sire his side of what's happened while they were away, and the two Malkavians are not exactly thrilled about his and Theo's raids on the Giovanni affiliated speaks in Little Italy ... If only they knew it was (sort of) Frankie's idea ...

I love your lack of self-confidence

The gang (sans Elindra) go to see Nightpitch. They leave a message then get to meet him in person, to discuss the recent events. Valgai then speaks to Yagaba, the chief witch. Always good to speak to people.

Elindra also speaks to someone, but my notes literally only say "someone", so whatcha gonna do?

We decide the Templars need murdering, because of course they do. It's like a thing, right? Can we burn down the Winged Ladle Inn and plant a heretical book there? And some fake bronze tablets? Because that would work out pretty well, or so we think.

Valgai also gets to torture a cultist, so everyone got to have some fun. Especially as it was suggested Elindra pretends to be a hooker, but her hooker talk was along the lines of calling people "dearie" so she sounded more like a grandma than the 17-year-old she actually is. It was weird.

I can't keep playing Humanity Roulette like this

Lottie and Julius dream about the other person's personal traumas, lying naked in each other's arms in a basement in Staten Island. Frankie and Val head back home to Brooklyn, and to be on the safe side, Frankie stays over at Val's. In the evening, Val heads off to do some stuff, while Frankie got to see his apartment - and a change of clothes! - for the first time in what seems like forever.

Lottie doesn't lose Humanity for what was inflicted on Jeanine. Nor for jointly breakfasting on Tommy the Fool followed by jointly snapping his neck. How romantic!

Frankie goes to see Benny at their speakeasy, and places a number of calls to check on business. Everything is fine, but there is stuff happening in Red Hook. 25 people, running legit businesses and none of them connected to the mafia, have been arrested on shaky grounds, like "running mob fronts". Some premises were completely smashed, others roughed up a little, or basically left alone. It's puzzling. Seb is looking into it further.

Meanwhile, Lottie and Julius go to meet the old woman, Loretta, and her Childe, Adelaide. The Prince doesn't know about Adelaide, who was turned a year ago. Loretta tells the story of who Adelaide is (kind of a serial killer?) and where she found her (an asylum), how she got her out of there, and rescued her by Embracing her.

While Julius and Loretta have a discussion in private, Lottie and Adelaide get acquainted upstairs. Adelaide is well aware they have to leave before the Prince finds out about her. She wants them to go to Georgia. (Maslowe's from Atlanta. Coincidence?) She also talks about how there's something in the water near the Brooklyn Bridge, but she was afraid to look. She could see what seemed like a cold, bright star in that direction - bearing in mind this is supposed to be 6 km away. Loretta didn't see it. Lottie and Julius did see something in some of the very first sessions ...

Adelaide seems to have some kind of weird fortune-telling power. She asks if she can look at Lottie "properly", then says something cryptic about there being something in the blood, "something that feeds, something thin" before snapping out of it and asking if she's looked at her yet. What the actual fuck?! Maybe skipping town is the best option after all.