Obituary: Sam Harrison

Samuel "Sam" Harrison
† 6 October 1888

It is with great sadness I have to report the death of Samuel “Sam” Harrison. We have been travelling together for quite some time now, and I have always thought of him as a great friend. Recently, we got closer to one another, when I helped him overcome a troublesome cough. I think it made him realise that there was a God out there, after all, and that He had not forsaken him.

Sam was an avid scientist and recently came across some technology in which he took great interest. I am sure that if he had had a chance, he would have furthered his knowledge greatly with this, and also that of the world, because Sam was a caring man, deep inside. He always had a kind word for me, and while he might not have gotten along as well with some of our other travelling companions, I am sure we are all going to miss him.

Thank you, Sam, and good bye. I hope Heaven will receive you with open arms, because you have undoubtedly done much to deserve a happy afterlife. Even if you’ll bump in to some of your previous wives. At least your sandwiches will finally, definitely be made with real meat.

-- Mary Murphy