Arkham is FULL OF OWLS!

A year ago, pretty much on the dot, we played Sleepy Hollow: The Boardgame A Touch of Evil. As there were wishes to play Arkham Horror, a boardgame based on Call of Cthulhu, that's what we ended up doing instead of roleplaying.

We would not recommend having seven players, four of which had never played the game before, because it takes forever and you don't get very far. If anyone wants to know what the game is like, it's Talisman meets A Touch of Evil. If you've never played either of those, that's a lot of time saved, and well done to you for not having been sucked in. ;)

Courtesy of Tuesday 22 May 2012's Call of Cthulhu: Arkham Horror boardgame session at Chimera.

“I’m Monterrey Jack, because he’s named after cheese.”

“Look at this man’s whiskers! I’m playing this guy.”

“What if the wizard has Siphon Mind and is evil?”

“Can I pick a monster? It went so well last time.”
(Yeah, when he picked Nyarlathotep as the big baddie we were fighting ...)

“I’ll take the card. I’ve always wanted to drive B crazy.”

“If his Doom tracker reaches 11, he wakes up.”
“This game tracks doom? YES!!”

“You can gain Stamina back.”
“Screw that! I’m riding this handbasket all the way to hell!”

(What happens when a card has no fail condition)
“Oi! You shouldn’t be here!”
“…Carry on.”

“You are now insane.”
“Nothing new, then.”

“That’s why I like Cthulhu the roleplaying game. In this situation, dynamite comes in useful.”

“I want to laugh, but I want to live, so I won’t.”

“The problem with stealing baby deer is that you tend to fawn over them.”
“Oh, dude. He’s back on form.”

“First you get the Shoggoths, then you get the girls.”
“The girls ARE Shoggoths.”

“You’re so epic I’m thinking of going home.”

“Snake eyes. I’m doomed.”
“To form, sir. To form.”

“ ‘Discard five clue tokens or get Devoured.’ – What are you taking the card for? That’s what it says!”

“Have you betrayed anyone yet? It’s like your standard thing to do.”

“If I bring you food, how much am I allowed to pun?”
“As much as you want. I’ll just stuff my ears full of the food you bring.”

“We were at the end of the world last week. I can’t really come back from that.”

“Take your turn. As long as it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care.”

“I have all the expansions to Talisman. Unfortunately, you die a little.”

Horus Heresy takes the rest of your life to play.”
“Yeah, I’m not up for that.”

“If you’re younger than The Little Mermaid, you don’t get a vote.”

“Maybe she’s a crustacean.”
“I think the fact that she’s a MERMAID defies scientific classification.”

“Come on Sunday and see us knackered.”
“It’s a great spectator sport.”

“I’m a creature as yet undiscovered by science.”
“No, you’re a creature science doesn’t want to discover. There’s a difference.”

If it wasn't for the fact that two computers failed me during the course of this one week, I would've transcribed the session and made this week's listing longer. But alas. It will have to wait. See you next week!