I’m Nyarlathotep and so is my dog!

When you begin an adventure, you first have to create characters, which it took us a little time to do, so there's not a whole lot of text this week, but chances are, there will be plenty more next week. These characters are tremendously quotable, as it turns out. Populating Victorian London and trying to investigate the occult, in alphabetical order:

  • Abigail Duckworth: Confirmed spinster (she's 24) and governess to the three children of Lord Bath.
  • Harold "Boaty" Boatman: Chain-smoking police officer who would rather retire, but the Victorians didn't retire, they worked until they died. Which might be sooner than expected!
  • Hubert "the Deadly Hummingbird" Smythe: Renowned moustachioed strongman and keen balloonist, except his balloon is currently held by the police.
  • Michael Brown: Handyman who gets accosted by anything from small children to scary monsters, and who'd rather they left him alone. The only one yet who's lost Sanity points ...

The story begins in London 1891, the first tube line has just been opened, and we've all ended up at a party to celebrate this momentous occasion. There's a buffet and everyone's having a jolly good time, even if one of Lord Bath's children try to force-feed a handyman peanuts and oysters, and another keeps being called "Kiwi" by a strongman.

Lord Bath leaves the party early, only to be found in the Underground station a while later with his throat ripped out, which the men of the party discover, much to their horror.

Back at the party, the lights go out, and a lieutenant asks the governess to meet with an eccentric professor to pick some things up on behalf of her employer ... although she has no idea her employer is no longer alive.

Let the investimagation commence!

Courtesy of Tuesday 15 May 2012's Call of Cthulhu adventure at Chimera.

“My name is the Deadly Hummingbird!”
“Yes, Münchhausen.”

GM: “The year is 1891.”
Player: “So the Deadlands have already been opened.”

“The Alaskans … need to get some proper smog down ‘em.”

Hummingbird: “I’m helping myself to the buffet.”
Brown: “I’m LARPing.”
Player: “Is that you LARPing or your character?”

Player: “You did a Jar-Jar voice!”
GM: “I did. I’m sorry.”

“It’s probably the only time he’s seen a peanut.”
“Let’s see if he’s allergic and gets an anaphylactic shock!”

(The whole house goes dark)
Hummingbird: “There’s nothing darker than darkest Africa. I’m fine.”

Hummingbird: “Give it here, you Neanderthal! … I can’t read.”

“Get Cecil, he’s good with people.”
“But Cecil has that giant spot on the side of his throat.”
“Yeah, it keeps people distracted.”

Boaty: “He’s getting better. He hasn’t even shot himself yet. This week.”

Player: “Is your cigarette like a metre long?”
Boaty: “No, I’ve changed it three times.”

“The plot is: Cecil’s spot is sentient.”

GM: “Gentlemen.”
Player: “Not yet, we’re educating a person!”

Brown: “Why would someone need an extra throat, sirs? I’ve always done fine with one!”

“It was an oyster, sir. They don’t have tentacles.”
“How do YOU know?”
“I ate one.”

“That man hasn’t eaten in days. Give him the dead man’s money!”

“A child fed me earlier.”
“You ate a child?!”

“He was hit by a superpowered child or a small truncheon.”
“Or a Chinaman! They have small killer hands!”

Boaty: “Here’s the lantern. You’ll be able to see better now.”
Brown: “I don’t want to see it better, sir!”

Brown: “I make a run for it.”
GM: “Good man! I like bravery.
Player: “The dice don’t.”

“I don’t think it’s safe; there are murderers about.”

Professor Whittall: “Is it that stocky fella with a moustache?”
Abigail: “Yes.”
Player: “You’ve just described half of London.”

Abigail: “I don’t know that my master’s …”
Player 1: “Dead.”
Abigail: “Deceased.”
Player 2: “He’s an ex Master.”

“Cthulhu is not an Old One; he’s a very naughty boy!”

“I’m Nyarlathotep and so is my dog!”

Yeah, session one and we've already descended into Monty Python. Things are going really well! Call of Cthulhu is a game that can make characters go insane, but considering our group, it's probably the players who will end up driving the game insane. Either way, we're going to have loads of fun with it over the next month!